How many ounces is a Sonic shake?

Sonic – Sonic Vanilla Milkshake Small (14 Oz)

What size milkshakes does Sonic have?

Each of the company’s shakes is available in four sizes — mini, small, medium and large. A vanilla shake in the four sizes contains 480, 540, 690 and 1,090 calories, respectively. In the same four sizes, chocolate shakes have 570, 670, 850 and 1,410 calories, respectively.

How many Oz is Sonic small?

14 oz
Calories in Sonic Cherry Slush -Small (14 oz) – Nutritional Information and Diet Info.

How big is a medium Sonic blast?

Sonic Medium Oreo Sonic Blast Nutrition Facts
Serving Size562g
Total Carbohydrates103g34%
Dietary Fiber2g8%
Aug 5, 2020

How many milkshakes does SONIC have?

There are seven standard Real Ice Cream Shake flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, fresh banana, caramel, and hot fudge), but customers can mix and match ’em to come up with crazy concoctions like chocolate-covered strawberry or caramel pineapple shakes.

What are SONIC drink sizes?

To make it clearer, here is a list of drink sizes they offer;
  • Small (14 ounces)
  • Medium (20 ounces)
  • Large (32 ounces)
  • Route 44 (44 ounces)

How much is a medium sonic blast?

Sonic Menu With Prices (Updated: April 2022)
Java Chiller ShakesLarge$4.39
Sonic BlastMini$2.89
Sonic BlastSmall$3.39
Sonic BlastMedium$4.09

How many ounces is a sonic large?

SONIC Drive-In unveils massive 444-ounce cup and asks fans, “What would you do with 444 ounces of your favorite SONIC drink?”

How many ounces is a large sonic blast?

Butterfinger SONIC Blast -Large (20 oz)
Vitamin A 40%Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 50%Iron 2%

What is a SONIC blast vs shake?

Sonic Blasts Review. Sonic Blasts kick the milkshakes into high gear with extra sweet flavors using some of our favorite candies and cookies. The franchise uses real vanilla ice cream, but they mix it or whip it so that it’s more like a shake than ice cream.

How much is the banana pudding shake at SONIC?

The new Banana Pudding Shake is priced $4.39 for a medium size at the closest location to us in Salt Lake City; its also only available for a limited time, now through August 29th. Image credit, SONIC Drive-In. Signup to our free newsletter and never miss a single update.

What kind of sundaes does SONIC have?

These classic favorites are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Caramel, Pineapple, or Hot Fudge. Try this: Add Oreo® to your chocolate or hot fudge shake/malt to get a new twist on an old favorite. All sundaes include whipped topping & a cherry.

What is a master shake from Sonic?

Real ice cream mixed with peanut butter and OREO® Cookie Pieces into a thick and creamy shake, finished with whipped topping and a cherry.

How many calories is a sonic blast?

Sonic Large Big Scoop Cookie Dough Sonic Blast Nutrition Facts
Serving Size1 Sonic Blast
Calories From Fat670
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat75g115%

How much is the cheesecake blast at Sonic?

Both of the new Cheesecake Blasts are priced $4.99 at the store closest to us in Salt Lake City. The new Strawberry Cheesecake Blast and classic Cheesecake Blast are available at SONIC for a limited time, May 3 through June 27. Image credit, SONIC Drive-In.

Is Sonic real ice cream?

Sonic Shakes and Ice Cream Treats

From the Shakes to the Blasts and the Sundaes. Made with 100% Real Ice Cream it’s a treat for the whole family. Come to any one of our Sonic Drive In Restaurants in Washington and Oregon and treat yourself and your family to a delectable ice cream treat!

What is a sonic blast ice cream?

The Sonic Blast is an ice cream treat, featuring Sonic’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream, with some kind of dessert or candy mixed into it. If you’re thinking that sounds an awful lot like the Dairy Queen Blizzard, then you’d be correct.

What is the difference between a master shake and a regular shake at Sonic?

According to the press release, the Espresso Classic Shake “blends a bold, double shot of espresso with SONIC’s creamy, 100% Real vanilla Ice Cream,” while the Oreo Espresso Master Shake is basically the same, but with Oreo pieces.

What is in a Sonic shake?

Our Chocolate Shake is made with real ice cream, rich chocolate sauce, and finished with whipped topping and a cherry.

What is in a Sonic chocolate shake?

Ingredients Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Cocoa Powder, Contains 2% or Less of the Following: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cocoa Butter, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Disodium Phosphate, Salt, Calcium Sulfate, Sunflower Lecithin.

Does Sonic have good milkshakes?

Sonic shakes are great, but they aren’t actually milkshakes though. Sonic technically classifies their “shakes” as ice cream. Might as well be a milkshake though since a lot of shakes on this list were as thick as soft serve. They do provide some unique flavors though, such as three different Oreo brand flavors.

How big is a medium shake at Sonic?

20-ounce cup
Sonic also has a medium-size, 20-ounce cup with “only” 950 calories and 48 fat grams for you dieters. Yeah, right. Milkshakes are one of the great guilty pleasures — take your time with it.