What happened on May in history?

May 6, 1937 – The Dirigible Hindenburg explodes into flames at Lakehurst, NJ. May 6, 1994 – Chunnel linking England & France officially opens. May 6, 2002 – Entrepreneur Elon Musk forms SpaceX. May 7, 1789 – The first inaugural ball is held in honor of George Washington and his wife .

What happened on May 6th 2010?

The May 6, 2010, flash crash, also known as the crash of 2:45 or simply the flash crash, was a United States trillion-dollar stock market crash, which started at 2:32 p.m. EDT and lasted for approximately 36 minutes.

What happened on May 6th 2008?

Historical Events

Chaiten Volcano erupts in Chile, forcing the evacuation of more than 4,500 people.

What happened on the 6th of May 2011?

2011 Syrian uprising: 27 people are killed in a “day of defiance” against the regime in Syria on Friday, including 15 protesters, and 5 security forces in Homs. (BBC) (The Jerusalem Post) Syrian security forces kill 15 protesters in Homs when they fired on a crowd of demonstrators to disperse them.