What is use of space parameter in DD statement?

The SPACE parameter specifies only the required subparameters: the type of allocation and a primary quantity. It requests that the system allocate 10 cylinders. The DD statement defines a new partitioned data set. The system allocates 10 cylinders to the data set, of which ten 256-byte records are for a directory.

How do you give a space parameter in JCL?

The Most common way to defining SPACE Parameter:

blksize, The above SPACE Parameter has two positional sub-parameters. 1) Unit of measurement type – Most used values is TRK, CYL or BLKSIZE. The RECLGTH(i.e. the value of record length) is also used in few cases.

How do you find a space parameter?

U can calculate the Space Parameter = No of records * record length, which gives u Total Bytes occupied by the File. From this u allocate the File using TRKS. Quote: U can calculate the Space Parameter = No of records * record length, which gives u Total Bytes occupied by the File.

How do you give a space in a mainframe?

Purpose: Use the SPACE parameter to request space for a new data set on a direct access volume. You can request space in two ways: Tell the system how much space you want and let the system assign specific tracks. Tell the system the specific tracks to be allocated to the data set.

What is DCB parameter in JCL?

DCB. The Data Control Block (DCB) parameter details the physical characteristics of a dataset. This parameter is required for datasets that are newly created in the job step. LRECL is the length of each record held within the dataset. RECFM is the record format of the dataset.

How is space calculated in JCL?

Determine the actual BLKSIZE you will use.
  1. Determine the blocking factor (number of logical records in 1 physical record) you will use. This is usually considered optimal – 23476/record length. For 80 byte records, 23476 / 80 = 293.
  2. Determine the BLKSIZE – 293 * 80 = 23440.

What is space in mainframe?

LSPACE provides information on volume size, free space on the volume, free space on the VTOC and INDEX, volume fragmentation, and VTOC status. Also provided is information on the size of the track-managed space and its free space statistics.

What is RLSE in JCL?

RLSE function notifies the close function to release unused space on the dataset closes. RLSE function supports sequential, partitioned and VSAM. If RLSE function specified and an abnormal termination occurs, the system does not release unused space even though the data set is open.

What is PDS in mainframe?

A partitioned data set (PDS) is a data set containing multiple members, each of which holds a separate sub-data set, similar to a directory in other types of file systems.