Why was Attean offended with the Robinson Crusoe story?

Why was Attean offended by the Robinson Crusoe story? Because the indians bowed down to white man.

How does Attean feel about learning to read?

Attean becomes angry when he realizes it will take months to learn to read and knocks the book to the floor and storms out of the cabin. How does Attean feel about reading lessons with Matt? Attean does not seem to like the lessons at all. Matt decides to try a different strategy to with Attean in the reading lesson.

What does Attean show Matt how do you do?

By Elizabeth George Speare

Matt asks Attean how he kills rabbits without bullets, and Attean decides to show him his skills, which pretty much floors Matt. Is this a gesture of friendship? Attean gives Matt a lesson on making a snare out of a root.

How are Attean and Matt like Robinson Crusoe and Friday?

Matt realizes that he and Attean are like Robinson Crusoe and Friday, but in reverse—in their case the Indian leads the way and the white man just tries to keep up. Matt wishes he could earn Attean’s respect somehow. Attean gives Matt some tree sap to chew on. It’s nasty at first, but then it tastes like chewy pine.

What did Attean teach Matt in Chapter 13?

The Fox’s Only Option

Matt protests saying that they cannot just leave it to suffer. Attean tells Matt that if a member of the Turtle Tribe does not come soon, the fox will bite off his foot and escape.

What does Attean teach Matt in Chapter 13?

Matt realizes his dreams are crazy, and he knows that Attean wouldn’t come if it weren’t for his grandfather. He also feels like he’s being ungrateful, since Attean is teaching him so many survival techniques that he desperately needs.

How does Matt feel about Attean?

Matt is sad about the manitou thing. He doesn’t get Attean’s pull to find it, and he knows things will change when Attean becomes a man among his people. For the next few days, Matt thinks of Attean. He knows that if he doesn’t find his manitou, Attean will feel shamed and worthless.

How did Attean help Matt find his way through the forest?

Attean helped him make a good bow, using a particular kind of wood and a painstaking process that tried Matt’s patience. Matt and Attean came across a fox in a steel trap on one of their journey’s into the forest.

What secret does Attean teach Matt in Chapter 11?

Attean teaches Matt his word for dog: ‘aremus’. Attean does not give the dog a name, but it is clearly his pet. Attean tells Matt with pride that the dog is useless at hunting and will fight anything that moves.

How did Attean cheer Matt up at the end of Chapter 11?

How did Attean cheer Matt up at the end of chapter 11? Attean cheered Matt up by slicing off two pieces of spruce sap. The spruce sap is chewed like gum and is called Chaw.

How do Matt and Attean feel about squaw work?

The characters who use the word ‘squaw’ are Native. In his spoken words, Attean is scornful of women and their work. That work includes care of the garden (weeding) and preparing a bear Attean has killed.

Why did Attean ask for the Bears forgiveness?

By asking for forgiveness, Attean shows that his tribe does not see animals as enemies, but as other beings they need to live in harmony with. Attean had to make the kill to save himself and Matt, but also knows he needs to ask forgiveness for leaving the bear cub an orphan.

Why was Attean in such a hurry to have Matt leave the village?

Attean, who seems to be in a particularly bad mood, explains he couldn’t go because he doesn’t have a gun. Bow hunting, which Attean had been teaching Matt, is going out of style as the men buy guns through trading animal skins with the white settlers.

What did Matt decide he needed?

Matt decided that he needed a bow. The bow was made with the wrong kind of wood and the arrows did not fly straight or flopped on the ground a few feet away. Attean helped Matt find the right kind of wood for his bow.

What unexpected things did Attean say about Mother?

What unexpected thing did Attean say about his mother? She had been born into the turtle tribe. She had died giving birth to Attean’s sister.

Why did Attean grandmother change her mind about Matt?

Why did Attean’s grandmother and Attean’s dog change their minds about Matt? Attean’s grandmother was surprised that a white boy could care so much for an Indian dog. Attean’s dog knew Matt had tried to help him and returned the kindness.

What did Saknis say that made Matt happy?

What did Saknis say that made Matt happy? Matt could live in their village.

What happened to Attean’s father?

His father died on the war trail, seeking to avenge Attean’s mother’s murder, so despite the bummer of Matt’s refusal, Attean admits, “I do same for my father if he still live” (22.4).

What event causes Attean’s grandma to trust Matt and invite him to their camp?

Lesson Summary

Attean’s grandmother, who had been dead set against him in the beginning, invites him to the village. She is impressed with him for making so much effort to save Attean’s dog. While in the village, Matt enjoys a meal with Attean’s family.

What did Matt give Attean before he left?

Matt’s not so sure—he’s heard plenty about the open land in the west—but before he says anything, Attean surprises him with another gift: his dog.

How did Attean prepare himself for his Manitou?

The process for Attean to find his ”manitou” includes the following steps. He must: prepare himself by taking a bath and taking a special cleansing medicine. go into the forest alone and build a wigwam.

How did Attean’s grandmother help Matt?

Attean’s Grandmother

A girl helps to translate and he learns she is Attean’s sister, Marie. While skeptical at first, grandma finally breaks down and decides to send Marie with some supplies to help Matt. She also tells Matt to come inside the wigwam so she can bandage his cut wrist.