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Characteristics of a father

What are the 5 responsibilities of a father? Here are 5 important but easily overlooked roles of a father. Motivator. As a dad, you are at times a helper, a coach, and a friend. …

Antonym of multiplier

What is the opposite of multiplier? The opposite of a Multiplier is a Diminisher. What is another word for multiplier? coefficient, doubling, factor, lever, leverage, multiple, Propagating. What is the other term of multiplicand and

Words that start with s and end with z

What is a 5 letter word ending in Z? 5 letter words that end with Z abuzz. blitz. bortz. capiz. fritz. Is there a 3 letter word ending in Z? The 3 Letter Words Ending

Classification of boilers with examples

What are the classification of boilers? The boilers may be classified as follows: Fire-tube boiler and Water-tube boiler. Natural circulation and Forced Circulation. High Pressure and Low-Pressure boilers. Stationary and Portable boilers. What is boiler

Examples of bottleneck

Which is the best example of population bottleneck? The overhunting or killing of the elephant seal population is an example of a bottleneck. This elephant population was hunted almost when it was going to extinct.

Characteristics of joseph in the bible

What is the character of Joseph? He was the first of the two sons of Jacob and Rachel (Jacob’s twelfth child and eleventh son). His story functions as an explanation for Israel’s residence in Egypt.

Characteristics of absurd theatre

What are the main characteristics of the Theatre of absurd? The Theater of the Absurd has the features of anti-character, anti-language, anti-drama and anti-plot. What are the characteristics of absurdism? Common elements in absurdist fiction

Classification of carabao from kingdom to species

What is the classification of a carabao? Mammal Carabao / Class Mammals are a group of vertebrate animals constituting the class Mammalia, characterized by the presence of mammary glands which in females produce milk for

Antonym of kin

What is the synonym of kin? adjective. related by blood. synonyms: akin, blood-related, cognate, consanguine, consanguineal, consanguineous related. connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage. What is the antonym for? Definition of antonym : a

Words that have a lot of rhymes

What word has most rhymes? Examples of perfect rhymes are “day and “way” and “claim” and “same.” Some words have just one or two perfect rhyming words, others have dozens; for example, the word “most”
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