What are the four characteristic of plane mirror?

The image formed by a plane mirror is always virtual and erect. The size of the image is equal to that of the object. The image formed is as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it. The image is laterally inverted.

What are the characteristics of plane mirror Class 7?

Characteristics of the image formed by a plane mirror are:
  • Virtual and erect.
  • Behind the mirror.
  • Size of the image is equal to the size of the object.
  • Laterally inverted image. ( …
  • Distance of the image behind the mirror is equal to the distance of an object in front of the mirror.

What are the three characteristics of plane mirror?

The three characteristics of image formed by a plane mirror : Image formed are upright or erect. Images formed are virtual. Images formed are of the same size as the object.

Which is not a characteristic of plane mirror?

Inverted is not a characteristic of image by plane mirrors.

Image is same size of the object (i.e. magnification is +1).

What is the function of plane mirror?

A plane mirror makes an image of objects in front of the mirror; these images appear to be behind the plane in which the mirror lies. A straight line drawn from part of an object to the corresponding part of its image makes a right angle with, and is bisected by, the surface of the plane mirror.

What type of image is formed in a plane mirror?

Hence, the image generated by a plane mirror is always imaginary and erect.

What are the characteristics of concave mirror?

A concave mirror has a reflective surface that is curved inward and away from the light source. Concave mirrors reflect light inward to one focal point. Unlike convex mirrors, the image formed by a concave mirror shows different image types depending on the distance between the object and the mirror.

What are the 4 properties of concave mirror?

Solution : Characteristics of the image formed by the concave mirror are – <br> (i) The image is formed behind the mirror at a distance of 40 cm from the pole. <br> (ii) It is enlarged. <br> (iii) It is virtual. <br> (iv) It is erect.

What are the four characteristics of modern historiography?

The characteristics of modern historiography are: (i) Rationality: Being a modern era, the research is scientific and unbiased. (ii) Proof Reading: Finding sources is now easy with the modern technology. (iii) Growth of Knowledge: With new researches, the field of historiography has become a vast subject.

What is characteristic of the nature shared by all beings?

Big Ideas: All living things have certain traits in common: Cellular organization, the ability to reproduce, growth & development, energy use, homeostasis, response to their environment, and the ability to adapt. Living things will exhibit all of these traits.

Do animals have cell walls?

Animal cells simply have a cell membrane, but no cell wall.

What are the characteristics common to most animal?

The 8 Main Animal Characteristics
  • of 08. Multicellularity. …
  • of 08. Eukaryotic Cell Structure. …
  • of 08. Specialized Tissues. …
  • of 08. Sexual Reproduction. …
  • of 08. A Blastula Stage of Development. …
  • of 08. Motility (The Ability to Move) …
  • of 08. Heterotrophy (The Ability to Ingest Food) …
  • of 08. Advanced Nervous Systems.

What are the six characteristics?

To be classified as a living thing, an object must have all six of the following characteristics:
  • It responds to the environment.
  • It grows and develops.
  • It produces offspring.
  • It maintains homeostasis.
  • It has complex chemistry.
  • It consists of cells.

What are 5 characteristics of life?

Cells = Living things have one or more cells.
  • Homeostasis = The maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment.
  • Reproduction = The ability to form a new offspring.
  • Metabolism = The ability to obtain and use. energy for growth and movement.
  • DNA/Heredity = Genetic material that is passed on during reproduction.