Although charisma is often confused with attractiveness, they are not synonymous . Charismatic people have an attractive personality; however, they do not necessarily have great physical beauty.

They do, however, hook and make groups of people move in the same direction. Charismatic people, because of their attitude and habits, are like a magnet.

Traits and characteristics of charismatic persons

But, what are the characteristics, personality traits and behavior that charismatic people present? In the following lines we explain them.

1. Active social life

Charismatic individuals are popular and often surround themselves with other people . This happens because they like each other and because they possess a series of relational skills that make it possible to connect with others whether they are of the same sex or not. In addition, they are proactive people who tend to have many concerns and hobbies and are good interlocutors.

2. Empathy

To connect with others you need to be empathetic and know how to put yourself in the other’s shoes . That is why they are good communicators, because they understand other people’s needs, which allows them to connect with them easily.

3. Active listening

Empathy is often related to active listening. And although many people believe they are listening, sometimes they just hear. Active listening is paying attention not only to the verbal language , but also to the non-verbal language and the emotions that the other person expresses, which must be validated so that the other person feels understood. Active listening promotes respect and trust between two people.

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4. Optimism

These people are hooked by their optimistic mentality , by finding in the obstacles opportunities to grow. Moreover, they are people who spread this vision of life, so they attract others.

5. Verbal language

Charismatic people are very good at communicating and therefore have a great influence on others . They understand their needs and are empathetic, so they tend to talk about “us” rather than “me”. They also send clear messages, minimizing the ambiguity of what they want to express.

6. Non-verbal language

This type of individual also shows a very strong non-verbal message . The eye contact is remarkable, which helps to create closeness and show sincerity. They show an open and accessible attitude towards other people, and this is visible through their gestures.

7. They trust themselves

Non-verbal language is positive because they trust themselves . Having a high degree of self-confidence is essential to overcome obstacles that arise in everyday life and to empower oneself in the face of life, but also to make others feel respect for someone and attraction to his or her personality.

8. Create trust in others

People with charisma not only trust in themselves, but others trust in them as well . They create and inspire trust, something that is obtained through experience, exemplary action, credibility and good communication. This can be seen in charismatic leaders, who are able to mobilize large numbers of people towards a common goal.

9. Are emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence influences how we relate to others, including: emotional self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, self-motivation and interpersonal skills. Mastering these skills allows us to adapt to situations that may arise in our daily lives, but also allows us to behave correctly in front of others and in interpersonal relationships.

In addition, these people know how to express their emotions correctly and are open-minded in understanding others.

10. Mental flexibility and open mind

Charismatic people possess mental flexibility and an open mind . They do not reject other people’s ideas or possess a non-judgmental mentality. They are tolerant and objective people. Their presence makes you feel good and that’s why others feel good about them.


11. They are visionaries

Especially in the case of charismatic leaders, one of their great characteristics is that they are visionaries and make their vision known to others . They have a great capacity for influence.

12. Credibility

This capacity to influence is often determined by the fact that they are people who show great credibility and are coherent in their actions and in what they say. They are convincing and sincere people, and they express this through verbal and non-verbal language. This is why others trust them.

13. Social skills

Being charismatic has a lot to do with having good social skills. Being friendly, sociable, expressive, honest, democratic… helps to have good relationships with other individuals. Charismatic people are close, not easily irritated , democratic and tolerant. Others feel good when they are with this type of person.

14. Persuasion

Charismatic people are persuasive, so they know how to use language well and use good persuasive skills to influence the attitude of others. Being persuasive is a positive quality , because this type of individuals do not force people to change, but seduce them with their arguments.

How people are attracted to us

Being charismatic is something that for some people is difficult to learn, whether one is or is not. In contrast, other experts think that you can develop skills to be charismatic, especially when it comes to leading people. Being charismatic goes deeper than just being physical.

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