What are the four types of teachers?

A report has identified four kinds of teacher – idealists, practitioners, rationalists and moderates. Where do you fit? Why did you become a teacher?

What are the 5 types of teachers?

5 transformative types of teachers
  • Elementary school teachers. Elementary school teachers play a critical role in establishing the foundation for learning. …
  • Middle school teachers. Another highly critical period in a student’s life is middle school. …
  • High school teachers. …
  • Special education teachers. …
  • ESL teachers.

What are the three types of teachers?

This somewhat informal research indicates that schools are usually filled with three types of educators: Lead Learners, Student Engagers, and Personalized Learners.

What are the different teacher levels?

The three levels of teaching are as follows: Memory level: thoughtless teaching. Understanding level: thoughtful teaching. Reflective level: upper thoughtful teaching.

What are two types of teachers?

It is not a continuum, it is very much one or the other but there are two types of teachers. There are the teachers who consider him/herself the most important person in the classroom (teacher-first) and there are teachers who consider the learner as the most important person in the classroom (learner-first).

What is the highest level of a teacher?

3 Doctorate

The highest level of education that a teacher can attain is a doctorate degree. This can be either a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree or a Doctor of Philosophy, or PhD, degree in a teaching-related field.

Which is the highest level of teaching?

Reflective level of teaching is considered to be the highest level at which teaching is carried out. It is highly thoughtful and useful. A student can attain this level only after going through memory level and understanding level.

What is a Level 1 teacher?

Post Level 1 teachers include underqualified teachers, teachers, senior teachers and master teachers. There is a distinction in the remuneration of teachers, with those underqualified with diploma qualifications for example, being paid with a ‘Relative Education Qualification Value (REQV)’ of 13.

What is PGT TGT PRT teachers?

The varying posts are PRT, TGT and PGT. PRT is the designation for primary teachers, TGT is the designation for Trained Graduate Teachers and the PGT is for Post Graduate Teachers.

Which is higher PGT or TGT?

Post Graduate Teacher (PGT):

The difference between a TGT and PGT is that a TGT does his/her B. Ed after graduation whereas to be a PGT, the candidate must possess a Post Graduate Degree before or after applying for a B. Ed course.

What are the 4 classroom management styles?

Exploring the 4 Different Types of Classroom Management Styles
  • Authoritarian Classroom Management Style. The authoritarian teaching style refers to a teacher who has complete control over their classroom. …
  • Authoritative Classroom Management Style. …
  • Permissive Classroom Management Style. …
  • Indulgent Classroom Management Style.

Who is a TGT teacher?

TGT is a term for a teacher whose teaching training has been completed. TGT is not known as a course, but it is a graduate trained in teacher education.

What is PGT eligibility?

At least 50% marks in aggregate in any of the following: B.E or B. Tech (Computer Science! IT) from a recognized University or equivalent Degree or Diploma from an institution/ university recognised by the Govt. of India.