How many towns are in Cape Cod?

15 towns
Cape Cod is made up of 15 towns: Barnstable, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Bourne, Sandwich, Mashpee, Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Provincetown, and Truro.

What towns are mid Cape Cod?

The Mid Cape includes the city of Barnstable and the towns of Dennis and Yarmouth. There are seven villages in Barnstable: Barnstable Village, Centerville, Cotuit, Hyannis, Marstons Mills, Osterville, and West Barnstable. Barnstable is the county seat, and Hyannis is known as Cape Cod’s one and only metropolis.

What towns are in the Upper Cape?

The Upper Cape comprises the towns of Sandwich, which is the oldest of the Cape towns, Bourne, Falmouth, and Mashpee.

What town in Cape Cod is closest to Boston?

Provincetown is an additional 50 miles or so after crossing the bridge, but Falmouth is much closer. Driving is a convenient way to get to the many beaches and towns once you’re on the Cape, but be wary of heavy traffic during peak holidays and weekends during the summer.

What towns are in Lower Cape Cod?

The Lower Cape includes the towns of Harwich, Brewster, Chatham, and Orleans. Vacationers love the gentle waves and temperate waters of the Nantucket Sound beaches of Harwich and Chatham. Brewster offers the gentle waves and temperate waters of Cape Cod Bay.

What towns are considered the Outer Cape?

The Lower Cape (or more accurately the eastern side of the Cape) includes Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Chatham at its easternmost point. The narrow peninsula known as the Outer Cape sprouts up from Eastham to the towns of Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown.

What is the difference between upper and lower Cape Cod?

A local or regular visitor would know that Falmouth, Sandwich, Bourne and Mashpee constitute what is referred to as the “Upper Cape,” Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet are found on the “Lower Cape.” However, any sensible map-owning individual can tell you that geographically speaking, the “Lower Cape” is above “Upper

Is Orleans Outer Cape?

As the year-round commercial hub for most Outer Cape communities, Orleans lies just as the Cape begins its northwestern jog towards Provincetown. It is here in Orleans that Cape Cod’s main roadways—Routes 6, 6A and 28—merge at a rotary directing drivers in as many directions.

Where is Cape Cod located?

state of Massachusetts
Cape Cod is located in the state of Massachusetts in northeast United States. It is a peninsula that is connected by two bridges to the mainland. The Cape itself juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and is neighbored by the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard to the south.

What is the area of Cape Cod?

The Cape Cod Region includes the towns of Bourne, Sandwich, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. MassBays’ Cape Cod region includes the 11 out of 15 Cape towns in the Cape Cod Bay watershed.

How far across is Cape Cod?

65 miles
Cape Cod, hooked sandy peninsula of glacial origin encompassing most of Barnstable county, southeastern Massachusetts, U.S. It extends 65 miles (105 km) into the Atlantic Ocean, has a breadth of between 1 and 20 miles (1.6 and 32 km), and is bounded by Cape Cod Bay (north and west), Buzzards Bay (west), and Vineyard …

Where is Cape Cod in relation to Boston?

The distance between Boston and the Cape is only about 70 miles, close enough that Bostonians and its visitors can enjoy an easy weekend getaway, or even venture to Hyannis, Provincetown or Falmouth for a day trip.

Is Cape Cod close to Maine?

How far is it from Cape Cod to Maine? The distance between Cape Cod and Maine is 288 miles. The road distance is 181.7 miles.

Is Martha’s Vineyard part of Cape Cod?

Martha’s Vineyard is an island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The indigenous Wampanoag Indians called it Noepe, which meant “land amid the streams.” 2.

Is Providence near Cape Cod?

The distance between Providence and Cape Cod is 64 miles. The road distance is 79.4 miles. How do I travel from Providence to Cape Cod without a car?

Is Salem close to Cape Cod?

The distance between Cape Cod and Salem is 69 miles. The road distance is 90.7 miles.

Is Provincetown a real place?

Yes, Provincetown is real – and it’s spectacularly spooky

Funnily enough, Harry’s search for inspiration in Provincetown is a bit of art imitating life, given how inspiring the town has been for the “AHS” showrunner.

Is Provincetown good for straight couples?

Re: OK for a straight couple? It’s definitely a gay destination, but not exclusively one. And if you’re open-minded than it’s worth visiting, since it’s a special place. The over-the-top-ness and the crowds will die down in September in any case.