What are examples of paradigms?

The definition of a paradigm is a widely accepted example, belief or concept. An example of paradigm is evolution. An example of paradigm is the earth being round.

What does the word paradigm literally means?

Paradigm traces to a Greek verb meaning “to show,” and has been used in English to mean “example” or “pattern” since the 15th century.

What does paradigm mean synonym?

model, pattern, example, standard, prototype, archetype. ideal, gauge, criterion, paragon, exemplar.

What is my paradigm?

Our paradigms are the perceptions, frames of reference, worldviews, value systems, or lenses through which we see everyone and everything, including ourselves. They add meaning, true or false, to the world around us, and affect the way we interpret what we see and experience, and how we interact and relate with others.

What are the 4 paradigms?

The four paradigms are:
  • Behaviorism.
  • Information Processing and Cognitive Psychology.
  • Individual Constructivism.
  • Social Constructivism and Situated Learning.

What is the opposite of paradigm?

Antonyms. follower unworthy expand increase decentralize decentralise deconcentrate.

What’s another word for paradigm shift?

What is another word for paradigm shift?
fundamental changeparadigm change

What is meant by paradigm shift?

Accordingly, a paradigm shift is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”

What part of speech is paradigm?

PARADIGM (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a antonym for pariah?

noun. ( pɝˈaɪə) A person who is rejected (from society or home). Antonyms. available clean violable permissible vulnerable wanted conformist.

What is the opposite of epithet?

Opposite of a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or act. compliment. flattery. praise. appreciation.

What is a paradigmatic example?

/ˌpærədɪɡˈmætɪk/ /ˌpærədɪɡˈmætɪk/ ​(specialist or formal) that is a typical example or pattern of something. Silicon Valley is the paradigmatic example of the new US economy, which relies on high-tech industries for growth.

What is a paradigm Bob Proctor?

Paradigms are a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures. For the most part, your paradigms didn’t originate with you.

What is the problem with a friend centered paradigm?

Pros: You will always have someone to talk to and trust. Cons: If you hang out with your friends to much for a long amount of time you will get tired of them. They might also talk bad about you behind your back.

How is a paradigm formed?

According to Kuhn a paradigm is created when more than mere facts are at hand within a scientific inquiry. Which appears, according to Kuhn (1970), during these early stages of inquiry, when different researchers confronting the same phenomena, describing and interpreting them in different ways.

What is a mental paradigm?

A paradigm may be thought of as a mental representation of how an entity is structured (the parts and their interrelationships) and how it functions (behavior within a specific context or time dimension) (Huitt, 2018c).

What is a boyfriend girlfriend centered paradigm?

Centering our life on possessions; things that have no lasting value. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Centered Paradigm of Life. Centering your life on someone with whom you are in a relationship. School-centered Paradigm of Life. Centering your life on getting good grades, GPA, honor roll, or Dean’s list to the point of …

What is a parent centered paradigm?

Parent Centered Paradigm of Life. Centering your life on your parents and living to please them above everything else.

What can you do if your paradigm of yourself is distorted?

What can you do if your paradigm of yourself is distorted?
  1. “I can do it,” “I matter.”
  2. Find someone who is encouraging and believes in you.
  3. At times you may need to go solo, use tools to build your self image (following chapters)

What is stuff centered?

Stuff centered is always wanting to get more stuff and not having everything. The parent centered paradigm is always checking for you’re parents approval and never making decisions on your own. The principle centered paradigm is the one you should base your life on.