Is Lucan a posh area?

There are lots of attractive estates but competition can be fierce for family homes. “It’s definitely a very family-orientated village,” says Declan. “The local business people, residents’ associations and community groups are very proactive in keeping Lucan a nice and desirable place to live and visit.

Is Lucan a good place to live?

As a primarily residential neighbourhood, Lucan is an ideal spot for young families or anyone looking for a quiet life outside the city. The west Dublin village is not only surrounded by some gorgeous countryside, making it a great place for kids to grow up, but it’s absolutely packed with amenities.

Is Lucan a rough area?

Local councillor William Lavelle said people in the Lucan and Clondalkin areas are “shocked and annoyed” at the level of violent crime there in recent months. “The good name of the area is being dragged down,” he told

What is Lucan famous for?

Lucan (and more so the neighbouring townland of Esker) was a centre of the linen, cotton, corn and flour milling industry in the 18th Century. Lucan and Esker between them had six mills which used, as their energy source, the river Liffey and its tributary the Griffeen River respectively.

Which part of Dublin is Lucan?

west Dublin
Lucan, located in the stunning valley of the River Liffey in west Dublin, is eight miles from the city centre and accessible from the M50 off exit 7. Lucan’s name derives from the Irish Leamhcán, meaning “Place of the Elms”.

Is Clondalkin rough?

Clondalkin is a huge area and like all places there are good areas and bad areas. Monestry, Riverside, St John’s, even parts of Cherrywood are decent places. Having said that, some of the further out places like Bawnoge and Kilmahuddrick are definitely places I’d avoid like the plague.

Is Lucan a town or village?

Lucan (Irish: Leamhcán, meaning place of elms) is a village and suburb in South County Dublin. It is located 13 km from Dublin city centre and is situated on the River Liffey and River Griffeen.

Who founded Lucan?

2.1 Brief History of Lucan

Initially the lands were awarded to Alard Fitzwilliam by King Henry II, but ownership changed hands several times over the next four centuries, bringing us to the two family names most readily associated with the development of Lucan – the Sarsfields and the Veseys.

When was Lucan founded?

The Lucan Spa Hotel established itself as a health resort and opened for that purpose in 1758 on head of an iron spa being discovered nearby, on the lands of Agmondisham Vesey, a major landowner in Lucan Demesne.

Is Lucan in Dublin or Kildare?

Lucan is a village and parish, in the barony of Newcastle, county of Dublin, about 4 ½ miles N. E. from Celbridge, situated on the high road to Dublin and Galway, on the right bank of the Liffey, which is crossed by a neat stone bridge.

What river flows through Lucan?

The Griffeen River
The Griffeen River rises on Saggart Hill in South Dublin. It flows towards Lucan until it reaches the Griffeen Valley Park. It flows under the Grand Canal through a siphon system and also passes through several housing estates, Lucan Village Park and Vessey Park before reaching Griffeen Valley Park.

Who owns the Spa hotel Lucan?

the Colgan family
The Lucan Spa Hotel is an Irish family owned hotel offering a unique, authentic experience in Irish hospitality while visiting Dublin and the East of Ireland. Owned and operated by the Colgan family for over 60 years, Lucan Spa Hotel prides itself in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for all our guests.