What is the phonetic sound of i?

The /ɪ/ sound is a Vowel sound and it’s technical name is the ‘Near-Close Near-Front Unrounded Vowel’. Remember that the key to pronunciation s physical and the name tells us about how the sound is made physically.

What does the short i sound make?

The short i sound says “ih,” as opposed to the long i sound, that says “i” (like in “pie,” or “ice”).

How do you make an i sound?

To produce the sound put your tongue high and at the front of your mouth and stretch out your lips, then make a long voiced sound.

What are the example of i :/ sound?

The /i:/ sound is usually spelled as ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ but in some other ways ‘als’. Read the following: need, meet, chief, police, green, please, piece, machine, meat, these, believe, deceive.

Spoken English: The /i/ and /i:/ sounds.
Nov 13, 2019