What is the mean by Ahead?

1a : in a forward direction or position : forward. b : in front. 2 : in, into, or for the future plan ahead. 3 : in or toward a more advantageous position helped others to get ahead.

What does goes ahead mean?

1. phrasal verb. If someone goes ahead with something, they begin to do it or make it, especially after planning, promising, or asking permission to do it.

What is the synonym of ahead?

Synonyms for ahead of. afore. [chiefly dialect], before, fore.

What kind of word is ahead?

ahead adjective, adverb (IN FRONT)

in front: The road ahead is very busy.

How do you use ahead?

  1. further forward in space or time; in front. I’ll run ahead and warn them. The road ahead was blocked. We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead. …
  2. earlier synonym in advance. The party was planned weeks ahead.
  3. winning; further advanced. Our team was ahead by six points. You need to work hard to keep ahead.

Is it ahead or a head?

Which should you use, ahead of or a head of? Ahead of is a prepositional phrase meaning in front of. The noun head may mean a body part, the mind, the top part, or the leader. A head of is incorrect.

Have a good day ahead Meaning?

I hope your day goes well. I hope you have the best day today.

What does planning ahead mean?

phrasal verb. to plan something a long time before it will happen etc.

Is Aahed a real word?

Yes, aahed is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you respond to good day ahead?

1)To you, too. 2)You have a nice day, too!

How do you wish someone a great day ahead?

Wishing you a great day ahead, may you achieve whatever you have planned for today. Planning the day makes it easier to follow, here’s to another great day! You always look after new things in life, may you find pleasure in whatever you do, have a great day ahead! Wishing you wealth and good health, have a great day.

What can I say instead of a good one?

What is another word for have a good one?
have a nice dayfarewell
goodbyehave a great one
have a good dayHAND

What is another word for good day?

What is another word for good day?
good morninggood afternoon

How do you say hope everything is okay?

“I hope life treats you kind”. “I hope all/everything is well with you” . “ I hope you’re doing well”. “I hope life is easy on you”.

How is everything going means?

An informal greeting, asking how a person’s life is going.