What do you mean by indebtedness?

Definition of indebtedness

1 : the condition of being indebted. 2 : something (such as an amount of money) that is owed.

What is an example of indebtedness?

The definition of indebtedness is the state of owing something (usually money) to someone, or the total amount owed. An example of indebtedness is when you owe the bank $100 and your friend $200. noun.

Is indebtedness the same as debt?

Indebtedness or Debt means all moneys now or hereafter owed or liabilities incurred, outright or otherwise, which give rise to an obligation of any Person to perform payment whether in the form of cash or otherwise.

What is the synonym of indebtedness?

debt, liability. (usually liabilities), obligation, score.

What is the opposite of indebtedness?

Opposite of under an obligation to someone or an organization, typically financially. paid. settled. thankless. unappreciative.

What causes over-indebtedness?

Interest rates, inflation and house price increases: At a macro level, changes in interest rates, general inflation and house price increases are likely to lead to over-indebtedness. Financial innovation: Financial innovation such as mortgage securitisation is considered to contribute to over-indebtedness.

How do you use indebtedness in a sentence?

1, Mortimer recounted his indebtedness to her in his autobiography. 2, The company has reduced its indebtedness to just $15 million. 3, These problems of themselves have increased inflation and indebtedness.

What is it called when you owe someone something?

if you owe someone money, you have to give them a particular amount of money because you have bought something from them or have borrowed money from them. Money that you owe is called a debt.

How do you use indebted in a sentence?

I am indebted to one of my anonymous reviewers for this comment. We are profoundly indebted to him for his inspiring, generous and friendly help. I am indebted to members of the audiences in all these places for their questions and comments.

What is rural indebtedness?

Rural indebtedness is an indicator of the weak financial infrastructure of our country, which includes inability of our economic system to reach to the needy farmers, landless people in the villages and the agricultural wage labourers.

What does real estate indebtedness mean?

Real Estate Indebtedness means the total outstanding amount under: (1) the Aggregate Commitment; (2) the Subordinated Debt of the Borrower (including the Borrower’s existing subordinated convertible debentures); (3) the Senior Debt; and (4) other indebtedness, as may be permitted by the Banks, in connection with the …

How can indebtedness be prevented?

6 Tips to Avoid Debt
  1. Build an Emergency Fund.
  2. Choose a Spending Plan.
  3. Stick to a Savings Routine.
  4. Pay Your Full Credit Card Bill Each Month.
  5. Only Borrow What You Need.
  6. Keep Your Credit Score Strong.

What are the consequences of indebtedness?

The effect of indebtedness leads to frustration, depression, mental imbalance and mental conflict of the poor farmer. Due to heavy burden of loan, the farmers are neither able to repay the loan nor able to improve their economic condition. They remain in a dilemma.

How is indebtedness a cause and effect of poverty?

Indebtedness is both a cause and effect of poverty. This statement can be well understood with the following example: If someone is poor, lets say a farmer, He will take loan to fulfil his basic needs but it can happen that he might not be able to pay this loan back. This will put him in debt.

What is indebtedness in sociology?

indebtedness is defined as I unproductive loan usage, (ii) usurious ensnaring of the.

What is certificate of indebtedness?

In modern terms, a certificate of indebtedness is generally used to refer to a written promise to repay debt. Fixed income securities such as certificates of deposit (CDs), promissory notes, bond certificates, floaters, etc.

What are the measures taken to solve the problem of rural indebtedness?

Nationalised banks have opened their branches in various villages and more branches are being opened. These banks are providing special facilities to the weaker sections and there who do not have any capital these things have solved the problem of rural indebtedness to a very great extent.