What are your top 5 achievements?

‘My greatest achievement’ examples could include:
  • Giving a great presentation at work.
  • Beating sales targets.
  • Training for and completing a marathon.
  • Organizing a successful charity event.
  • Mentoring a coworker or fellow student.

What is an example of a work accomplishment?

Maintained a 97% satisfaction rating over a 24-month period as a customer care representative. Exceeded retail sales goals by an average of 17% every quarter in 2016. Cut data processing time by 50% by building a new cloud data infrastructure, leading to more timely insights.

How do I identify my achievements at work?

Look at previous performance reviews, reference letters, presentations, and other files that document what you’ve done at the company. Pull out any points that verify why you received recognition, promotion, or awards. Going forward, each time you receive commendation for your work, make a note of it.

What is your greatest achievement answer?

The bottom line is: If you’re debating between a few options of achievements to share, you should always choose the more recent story, and the one that’s more relevant to the job you’ve applied for. Then get specific and talk about RESULTS. Show exactly what you achieved and why it was a significant accomplishment.

What to say if you have no achievements?

I just did my job. I didn’t do anything special.” You absolutely have accomplishments under your belt, but it requires a little bit of mental reframing. Example: If you were responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns for a product, talk about your campaign wins.

What is your greatest achievement in company?

By asking “What is your greatest accomplishment?” employers can see if your skills and work ethic match up to their needs and fit in with their company culture. Your choice of greatest achievement will show the interviewer what you consider important, and how you achieved it will tell them how you get things done.

What achievements are you most proud of examples as a employee?

“I’m most proud of managing a successful administrative team for five years. I oversaw a team of fifteen employees in an office setting. My team worked tirelessly to ensure that our office ran smoothly, and it showed in our company’s overall productivity.

What is considered an accomplishment?

What is an accomplishment? the definition of an accomplishment is something positive which you have achieved. On your resume, you should give specific examples of how your actions helped a situation. It could be a problem which you resolved, something you improved, or something you did well.

How do you write an accomplishment statement?

How to Write an Accomplishment Statement
  1. Focus on your performance, value, or the results of your actions, not your responsibilities.
  2. Provide context and give evidence (quantify or qualify)
  3. Promote yourself rather than report on your self.

What is your accomplishment interview question?

“What’s your greatest accomplishment?” is a behavioral job interview question. What that means is, the interviewer wants to understand your past performance, and how you handle specific situations (for example, under pressure).

How do you write accomplishments in performance review?

In your performance review highlight your achievements that demonstrate how well you perform the duties and responsibilities of your job, team achievements you contributed to and the specifics of what you contributed as well as new skills you learned to demonstrate growth and readiness for new responsibilities.

How do you write your achievements to your boss?

A few tips for describing your achievements

If possible, quantify your achievements with figures, percentages and statistics. If you can’t quantify them, describe a qualitative achievement. Avoid using pronouns, such as “I” and “we.” Speak the employer’s language (key words).