What is an example of an allusion in a Disney movie?

The Disney movie “Pocahontas” alludes to Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” where Captain John Smith plays the role of the shipwrecked sailor, who in the movie is captured rather than shipwrecked. Pocahontas’ and Smith’s love mirrors the love story that takes place in “The Tempest” between Miranda and Ferdinand.

What is a famous example of an allusion?

“Chocolate cake is my Achilles heel.” The allusion here is to “Achilles’ heel,” or the Greek myth about the hero Achilles and how his heel was his one weakness. In this case, the speaker’s “weakness” is chocolate cake. “He’s a cool guy, but he becomes a lovesick Romeo every time he’s around her.”

What is an allusion to a movie called?

Scope of the term

In literature, allusions are used to link concepts that the reader already has knowledge of, with concepts discussed in the story. In the field of film criticism, a film-maker’s intentionally unspoken visual reference to another film is also called an homage.

What is allusion in a cartoon?

An allusion is an indirect reference, and often times, it’s quite clever.

What are literary allusions?

Allusions are generally regarded as brief but purposeful references, within a literary text, to a person, place, event, or to another work of literature.

What is allusion in songs?

An allusion is an indirect reference to a person, place thing or idea of historical, cultural and literary significance. The emotions tied to allusions help deepen the image in song. It’s a great poetic and songwriting device.

How do you use allusion in a poem?

An allusion in a poem refers to a person, place, historical event, or ancient source such as the Bible, mythology, ancient poets etc. It refers outside of the poem itself to evoke a mental picture, create an image, and set the poem in a larger context or setting.

Is a poetic device in which a reference to external source a book or a work of art is made?

allusion, in literature, an implied or indirect reference to a person, event, or thing or to a part of another text.

What is the allusion in Love Story by Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift refers to her lover in this musical composition as “Romeo”: an allusion to William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” which stars two young, star-crossed lovers whose verboten love leads to their deaths.

Is referencing a song an allusion?

The most common allusions are to literary classics, such as Greek mythology or famous novels, and popular culture, like famous movies and popular songs. Allusions can occur in everyday life, especially when we reference movie quotes or song lyrics to our friends in personal situations and shared experiences.

What literary device is similar to allusion?


A metaphor is literally a comparison and hyperbole is just an over-exaggeration. In this same style, allusion is just a fancy word for a literary reference; when a writer alludes to something, they are either directly or indirectly referring to another, commonly-known piece of art or literature.

How does Love Story allude to Romeo and Juliet?

Love Story is a song by Taylor Swift where she sings as Juliet from the play “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. The song alludes to the balcony scene (Act 2 Scene 2) from the play as well as Romeo, Juliet, and Lord Capulet.

How did Shakespeare influence Love Story?

Swift was inspired to write the song by a love interest unpopular to her family and friends, using William Shakespeare’s 16th-century play Romeo and Juliet as a reference point. The lyrics narrate a troubled romance between two characters who end up with a marriage proposal, contrary to Shakespeare’s tragic conclusion.

What is a good sentence for allusion?

How to use Allusions in a sentence. He makes vague allusions to Harry Potter being his son. There are allusions to the Hebrew exodus in the book of Isaiah. A precise indication of date has been sought in certain supposed references or allusions to historical facts.

How do you identify allusions?

You can identify allusions by thinking critically about what part of a sentence or paragraph talks about something by relating it to something that comes from outside the text.

Can an allusion be a simile?

Similes are similar to metaphors, but they use “like” or “as” for comparison. A famous example is from the movie Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Like metaphors, similes can include an allusion. We could say, “Susan, the pastry chef, is like Da Vinci when she bakes.”