What is an elevator speech example?

General elevator pitch template

Introduction: “Hi I’m [name], a [position title] at [company name]. It’s great to meet you!” Problem: “Since you work with [company name or industry] I figured you’d be interested to know that [problem + interesting statistic].”

How do students write elevator speeches?

How to create a good student elevator pitch?
  1. Introduce yourself, say what you do, and how you do it. There’s no going around that part. …
  2. Add some captivating details about you. …
  3. If you can, provide examples of your past achievements. …
  4. Use the ending of your pitch as a conversation-starter.

What should I say in my elevator speech?

Your pitch should be a short recap of who you are and what you do. You need to be persuasive. Even though it’s a short pitch, your elevator speech should be compelling enough to spark the listener’s interest in your idea, organization, or background. Share your skills.

What do you say when you pitch yourself?

Say something along the lines of: Hi [name], My name is _____, and I’m reaching out because I noticed you work on the _____ team. I would love to learn more about the work you’re doing on [team] and your experience at [company], as I’m planning to apply for [specific role] openings on your team this fall.

What is an elevator pitch for high school students?

An elevator pitch is your most important professional and educational experiences, accomplishments, and milestones packed into a 30-60 second seductive speech designed to gain a (typically) recruiter’s favor.

What are the 4 components of an elevator speech?

The elevator pitch structure for an information product should consist of four components:
  • Component 1: Your product name and category.
  • Component 2: The problem you are attempting to solve.
  • Component 3: Your proposed solution.
  • Component 4: The key benefit of your solution.

How do you write a killer elevator pitch?

Use a simple elevator speech template
  1. State the Problem.
  2. Present Your Solution.
  3. Explain Why People Should Trust You.
  4. Describe Your Value Proposition.
  5. Offer a CTA (Call to Action)

How do you write a pitch about yourself?

How to write an elevator pitch
  1. Introduce yourself. Before you start your pitch, you should introduce yourself to your new connection, interviewer, etc. …
  2. Explain what you do and what makes you unique. …
  3. Tell them what you want. …
  4. Add in a call to action. …
  5. Practice, edit, and practice again.

What is elevator speech outline?

An elevator speech is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in yourself. A good speech should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name. It should be interesting, memorable, and succinct. It also needs to explain what makes you unique.

What is an elevator pitch for kids?

In a nutshell, the “elevator pitch” is how long it should take for you to tell someone what your book is about. By the time your elevator reaches your floor, you should have been able to “pitch” your book idea in that brief amount of time. In other words, an elevator pitch should last about 30 seconds.

How do I pitch myself as a fresh graduate?

Here’s how to write the perfect elevator pitch
  1. 1) Make it short, simple and concise.
  2. 2) Show that you have done your research.
  3. 3) Show that you are good at what you do.
  4. 4) Showcase your technical and soft skills.
  5. 5) Include your value proposition.

What is an elevator pitch for teachers?

Elevator Speech or Commercial

The idea of an elevator speech is to develop a “sound bite.” Summarize in about twenty to thirty seconds who you are and the value you bring to the table. You are essentially selling your mission, key offerings and your unique competitive advantage.

What does a good elevator pitch look like?

A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name. It should be interesting, memorable and succinct. It also needs to explain what makes you – or your organization, product or idea – unique.

How do college students build elevator pitches?

What are 3 things your elevator pitch should include?

It should include at least three of these five components:
  • Describe your ideal customer. …
  • Show the benefits or results the customer would get when giving you their business. …
  • Appeal to the need or problem of the other person. …
  • Describe the result that will be provided. …
  • Make people say, “Tell Me More!”