What is an example of extended metaphor?

Metaphor example: “That man is a snake.” Simile example: “Your ex is sneaky as a snake.” Extended metaphor example: “You’re a snake! Everything you hiss out of your mouth is a lie.

What is an extended metaphor in literature?

An extended metaphor is a metaphor in a literary work, such as a novel or poem, that isn’t just used in one line but is extended over multiple lines or throughout the work.

What is an example of an extended metaphor in Romeo and Juliet?

Extended Metaphor in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo compares Juliet to a radiant sun, and then extends the metaphor by entreating her to “kill the envious moon.” But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

How do you use extended metaphor in a sentence?

Mitchell is forced to use real buildings and the real city as his only means of explaining, through an extended metaphor, how different cyberspace will be. She likens herself to a wave in an extended metaphor, explaining that she will love him on her terms only.

Why do writers use extended metaphors?

An extended metaphor is a rhetorical technique that explains a concept by directly mentioning another concept and drawing multiple parallels between them. It is often used to explain a complex idea — allowing readers or listeners to visualize it in terms that they already understand.

What is the extended metaphor in O Captain My Captain?

The entire poem is an extended metaphor, or figurative language that implies comparison between seemingly unlike things, for the United States after the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. In the metaphor, the captain is Lincoln, the voyage is the war and the ship is the United States.

What is an extended metaphor ks3?

An extended metaphor is where the idea created through a metaphor is developed over several sentences, paragraphs or even throughout the text. It allows the writer to make a more sustained comparison.

What is a metaphor example?

Common metaphor examples

Life is a highway. Her eyes were diamonds. He is a shining star. The snow is a white blanket.

Is an allegory an extended metaphor?

Allegory: is a form of extended metaphor, in which objects, persons, and actions in a narrative, are equated with the meanings that lie outside the narrative itself.

How do you use an extended metaphor in a poem?

An extended metaphor extends the metaphor mentioned in the first line throughout an entire poem or paragraph of prose. If you are writing your first extended metaphor poem, start off by creating a free verse poem. Then, you can move on to a structured style, such as a rhyming quatrain or rondel.

What is the extended metaphor in mother to son?

In “Mother to Son” Hughes uses a metaphor to describe the life of the mother. In this case, it is an extended metaphor that compares the mother’s life to a staircase. Each step symbolizes a part of her life that she had to endure.

What is the extended metaphor in the road not taken?

The entirety of “The Road Not Taken” is an extended metaphor in which the road “less traveled” symbolizes the path of nonconformity. The speaker, when trying to choose which road to take, looks for the road that seems less worn.

How do you analyze an extended metaphor?

To analyze a metaphor, you must first identify it. Mark the passage with a highlighter or pen to indicate the exact metaphor. A simple metaphor will consist of a single phrase or line, while an extended metaphor may transcend the entire passage. Next, determine the two elements of comparison.