Is Amazon an example of McDonaldization?

While Amazon is the most important and powerful example of largely digital McDonaldization, it is important to remember that there are many other protagonists including Etsy, Uber, and Airbnb that are gradually redefining, in some respects at least, what it means to be a consumer.

How is health care being Mcdonaldized?

McDonaldization has led healthcare to become centred around efficiency, calculability, predictability and nonhuman machines taking away from the personal aspects of clinic visits. McDonaldization is a term invented by George Ritzer to describe a sociological phenomenon that is happening in society.

How does McDonaldization affect culture?

McDonaldization causes a ripple effect on the values, preferences, goals, identities, and social relationships of human beings and is not limited to production. Many sociologists recognized it as a global phenomenon.

What is McDonaldization in media?

Updated on January 28, 2020. McDonaldization is a concept developed by American sociologist George Ritzer which refers to the particular kind of rationalization of production, work, and consumption that rose to prominence in the late twentieth century.