What do you write on Save the dates?

What to include on your save the date cards
  1. The names of the happy couple.
  2. The wedding date.
  3. Town, city, region or country where the wedding will take place.
  4. Let people know that your invitations will follow.

What should be on the back of a save-the-date card?

You can make a simple note at the bottom or back of the card, stating that the official wedding invitation will follow. Save the dates should be sent at least six months prior for local weddings, and ten to twelve months in advance for destination weddings.

What message to send with save-the-date?

It should be obvious from your card design, but let your guests know that you’re getting married! Keep it simple with “Save the date” or something sweet like “We set a date” or “We’ve found the perfect date!”

Is it OK to handwrite save the date envelopes?

The choice is always yours — handwritten, faux, monk or machine. Just make sure to consult your wedding planning budget first, and then make the best decision on how to address your envelopes.

Which name goes first on Save the dates?

the bride’s name
It’s traditional to list the bride’s name first; for same-sex couples, consider alphabetizing. The wedding location. You’ve likely booked the venue at this point, but don’t include the address just yet. City and state are all that’s needed for now.

How far in advance should Save the Dates go out?

8 to 12 months
As a general rule, it’s best to send Save the Dates 8 to 12 months prior to your wedding (send them earlier for a destination or holiday weekend). Given enough notice, you may be surprised by the distance that family and friends will come from to be able to attend!

Do you put RSVP on Save the Dates?

Unlike invitations, there’s no need to include RSVP cards with your Save the Dates. Guests aren’t expected to respond until they receive the invitation, although some may. DO add your wedding hashtag and wedding website.

Do you address guest on Save the Dates?

No, thank you. Address the save the date with both of the couple’s names. Traditionally, the man’s name goes first, but if you’re close to the woman and her boyfriend is coming as her guest, switch up the order and put her name first.

What if you get a save the date but no invitation?

“I suggest sending a simple note to the couple letting them know that you were excited to receive their save-the-date, but have not received an invitation and wanted to check in, as you were planning on joining the celebration!”

Who gets a save the date?

Who should receive one? Save-the-date notifications should only be sent to those who you’re planning on inviting to the wedding. Once they’re in the mail, there’s no turning back, so be sure you’ve compiled an accurate guest list before sending them off.

Do save-the-dates need to match invitations?

Let the design help you tell the story of your wedding with a tropical or rustic design. Your save the date and invitation should feel like they are part of the same world, but they don’t need to match.

Can you skip save-the-dates?

You can skip save-the-dates… but only in certain situations

Only skip the save the dates if: Your wedding is in the next 3 months. You’ll need to contact them directly and jump in on invites right away. (If it hasn’t happened yet, an engagement party is the perfect way to start.

How far in advance should you send wedding invitations?

It’s best to send your wedding invitations around 4-5 months before your big day. It’s expected that not everyone will RSVP (especially not on time) and sending your invitations too early may cause people to misplace your invite or simply, forget.

Can I send my wedding invitations 3 months in advance?

In general, wedding invitations should go out 8 weeks in advance. As always, though, the rules are a bit different for destination weddings—those, you’ll want to send out 3 months in advance. Remember, wedding invitations are a two-way street: they require a response.

Is 1 year too early to send save-the-dates?

Save-the-dates should be sent at least eight months before the wedding. Chertoff told Insider that save-the-dates should not be sent any earlier than six months before the wedding invitations, which go out six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Is 14 months too early to send save-the-dates?

The save-the-date etiquette rule is that these cards should be sent out about six months prior to the date of the event. You may want to send them out a little earlier, say eight months to even a year prior, if you’re hosting a destination wedding or getting married on a holiday weekend.

Is 9 months too early for save-the-dates?

Save the date etiquette recommends mailing them six to eight months before the wedding. That way guests have ample notice to request time off work and book travel and accommodations. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s recommended you send wedding save the date cards nine months to a year in advance.

Is 2 years too early to send save-the-dates?

Realistically you can do this as soon as you’ve booked your venue. But between 12 months and 6 months before your wedding day is best.

Do you send a save the date to everyone?

You should send your save-the-dates to anyone you want at your wedding. Even if you’ve already received verbal confirmations from certain guests, you should still send them a save-the-date (members of your wedding party, siblings and parents). Just remember: Only send it to those whom you definitely want to attend.

When should you request RSVP for wedding?

Ideally, the RSVP date should fall three to four weeks before the wedding, and the wedding invitation should be mailed six to eight weeks prior to the wedding.