What does UHOH mean?

Uh-oh is an expression used to indicate mild alarm or concern in response to something negative, such as a mistake. It’s typically said right when you realize something is wrong or something bad has happened. It’s sometimes spelled uh oh, without the hyphen.

How do you use Uh oh in a sentence?

Uh-oh sentence example
  1. There was a pause in activity before Dusty’s Uh-oh. …
  2. He smiled, he thought uh-oh I have to go on a date with Kairi. …
  3. Uh-oh. Looks like actress Bai Ling got busted for a little five finger discount. …
  4. Does not make exclamations like “uh-oh!”

What is another word for uh oh?

Uh-oh Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for uh-oh?

How do you write OHOH?

Oh-oh meaning
  1. Uh-oh. interjection. …
  2. Oh-oh is defined as another way of saying uh-oh, which is something people say when they’ve made a mistake, something bad has happened or might happen. An example of oh-oh is what a child would say when a parent walks in on them drawing on the wall. …
  3. Alternative form of uh-oh.

How do you spell uh uh meaning no?

Uh uh is defined as “no.” An example of a time when you would say “uh uh” is if someone asks you if you have any milk and you do not. Alternative form of uh-uh. Alternative form of uh-huh.

What does EHOH mean?

EHOH stands for Every Hour On the Hour and is an emerging fitness trend developed to combat the dangers of sitting at work and living a sedentary lifestyle.

What is the meaning of Ho Ho Ho?

Definition of ho ho (ho)

used to represent laughter Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! —often used in an ironic or sarcastic way Ho ho. Very funny.

What does * * mean?

a small starlike symbol (*), used in writing and printing as a reference mark or to indicate omission, doubtful matter, etc. Linguistics. the figure of a star (*) used to mark an utterance that would be considered ungrammatical or otherwise unacceptable by native speakers of a language, as in * I enjoy to ski.