How many calories are in a Fruitella sweet?

Energy: 18 calories

How many carbs are in a Fruitella sweet?

Fruitella 30% less sugar compared to regular fruitella *
Porcja 3.15 gW 100 g

How many calories are in a Fruitella tube?

There are 164 calories in 1 packet (10 pieces) of Fruit-Tella Chewy Candy.

How many calories are in one pack of Fruitella?

For Strawberry lovers this is the perfect one for you. Perfect a sweet treat on the go, each one of our Fruittella chews is individually wrapped for freshness, so you can eat them how you like and save them for later. Only 16 calories per chew. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free.

Is Fruitella Strawberry a chewing gum?

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Fruit-tella Strawberry Stick Pack Strawberry Chewing Gum (720 g)
Quantity720 g
Maximum Shelf Life18 Months

How many calories are in Fruitella chews?

Energy: 25 calories

How much sugar is in a packet of Fruitella?

Typical ValuesPer 100g

How many calories are in a lemon Fruitella?

Energy: 29 calories

How many calories are in a strawberry Fruitella?

99 calories
The single serve sachets (rrp 60p), which are just 99 calories per pack, appeal to the health-conscious shopper, offering a sweet treat that delivers all the flavour, but less sugar, and fits in with the NHS Change4Life snack recommendation.

Is Fruitella a ingredient?


glucose syrup, sugar, fully hydrogenated coconut oil, fruit juices from concentrate (orange, lemon, strawberry) (3%), acid (citric acid), gelatine, humectant (glycerol), concentrates (carrot, black carrot, elderberry), natural flavourings, gelling agent (gum arabic), dextrin.

Are Fruitella sweets gluten free?

Fruittella products can contain glucose syrup, which may be derived from a wheat source but in that case it has been confirmed that the gluten amount is below 20mg/kg, being the legally defined maximum threshold for gluten free in EU. Therefore, all Fruittella products are suitable for a gluten-free diet.

How many calories are in a pack of polos?

139 calories
There are 139 calories in 1 packet of Polo Mints.

Are Fruitella sweets vegan?

Unfortunately, the Fruitella that you many know and love is not vegan. This is because although they are dairy-free, they contain pork gelatin. However, if you do love Fruitella, there’s still good news! Due to demand, Fruitella have released two sweets that are vegan: sour snakes and koalas.

Is Fruitella edible?

fruitella crunchies are able to be swallowed, they are meant to look like shewing gum but as far as I can tell (and have done so) they are edible.

Is Fruitella mini Halal?

No Fruittella is suitable for vegetarians or vegans because it all contains gelatin, although they’re all dairy-free. And if you’re Kosher or Halal, they’re not for you either. According to their website, all ‘Fruittella candies sold in the UK/other local markets are not Halal or Kosher‘.

Is Fruitella a chewing gum?

Made by European company Perfetti van melle, fruit tella offers a sophisticated continental alternative to the more down-to-earth British chewing. The chews are made with real fruit juices, natural colours and natural flavours.

Is Fruitella gelatine free vegetarian?

Fruit lovers inspired Fruittella to create delicious sweets made with fruit juice, natural flavours and colourings! Now you can enjoy Fruittella’s unmistakably fruity taste with our GELATINE FREE Koalas. Vegetarian Society approved for Vegans.

Is Fruitella dairy free?

They’re similar to starbursts that are sold in the USA, and much like Starburst chews Fruitella chews are not vegan. This is because they both contain Gelatin, which is an ingredient that in this case is made from boiling animal bones and parts.

Is Fruitella a Starburst?

Fruittella is mirroring Starburst and launching Fruittella Magics, sweets that change flavour while they are chewed, which will be supported by a major marketing campaign.

Where are Fruitella sweets made?

Today the Italian company Perfetti van Melle is known as the producer of Fruitella, operating several production sites on various locations. But Fruitella is a typical Dutch fruit candy. The origins of Fruitella reach back as far as 1900, when Isaak van Melle startet the production of candies and toffees at Breskens.

Is Fruitella Dutch?

Fruittella was first introduced in 1931 by the Dutch candy company van Melle. They were the first to wrap their candy piece by piece and put it in a roll. In the years after they improved the candy to where it is at right now, a household name in the Netherlands.

What is a sugus candy?

Sugus is a brand of chewy candy made by the Wrigley Company. The Swiss chocolate company Suchard created it in 1931. Jacobs Suchard was acquired by Kraft Foods in 1990. Wrigley acquired the candy business of Kraft Foods including the Sugus brand in 2004.