Is a TW200 worth it?

TW200 Is Far From Perfect

It struggles making it to 55mph, so if you have some freeways in your daily commute then you might want to avoid the TW200. It also has no 6th gear so even if you could get it up to 65mph it’s really not going to be a smooth ride. The other negative about this bike is the small gas tank.

Is TW200 good on trails?

It Can Cross Terrain Like An Expensive ADV Bike

Its five-speed gearbox has a very short first and second gear, and even third can still keep the engine happily turning over in its mid-range at trail speeds.

How fast does a TW200 go?

66-73 mph
Yamaha TW200
Top speed66-73 mph
Transmission5-speed manual
Brakes220 mm disc (front) 110 mm drum (rear)
Tires130/80-18 (front) 180/80-14 (rear)

Can I ride a TW200 on highway?

If the bike you are riding will do the speed limit for the road you’re on you’re good to go. If the traffic is all doing 20 over and you are at the speed limit you have to be more aware, especially about the vehicles coming up from behind.

Why are TW200 so popular?

There is a reason the TW200 still sells well and remains in Yamaha’s lineup after all these years; in fact, there are many reasons but a few quickly come to mind: it’s inexpensive, versatile, built like a tank, and anybody can hop on one and go, and, perhaps best of all, it’s just so darn fun to ride!

Is Yamaha TW200 good for off road?

The stock gearing on the TW lends itself quite well to riding offroad as well, but whoever told you it lacks a bit on the highway, well, they’re right: secondary roads with 55mph speed limits are fine, but the freeway/interstate would be a lot too much for the bike. Some people seem to have good luck doing it, though.

How do you ride a Yamaha tw200?

How long can a TW200 last?

Assuming the BEST of all these factors, the bike will probably go about 30,000 miles without needing a top end rebuild (the highest mileages without rebuild I remember reading have been about 25-30k), 50,000+ miles with a couple rebuilds.

How much is a Yamaha TW200 worth?

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$4,599$4,460
Options (Add)
Total Price$4,599$4,460

How much weight can a TW200 carry?

The load limit on the bike is 395 lbs. Don’t change anything until you try it.