How many different actors have played Batman?

Holy revolving door, Batman! The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history – eight to be exact.

Who is the best Batman ever?

1. Christian Bale. Christian Bale never played a 1:1 approximation of the comic book Batman. He and Christopher Nolan were chasing different ghosts—such as imagining what it might actually look like to age and wither beneath the cowl.

Who played the 1st Batman?

List of Films
FilmU.S. release dateActor
Early films
Batman: The MovieJuly 30, 1966Adam West
1989–1997 film series
BatmanJune 23, 1989Michael Keaton

Who plays the new Batman 2022?

Robert Pattinson in 2022’s ‘The Batman. ‘ Jonathan Olley/DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Who is the OG Batman?

Lewis G. Wilson
Lewis G. Wilson (“The Batman” TV show, 1943) Wilson has the distinction of being the first actor to play Batman, starring in the 1943 series.

Who was the last Batman?

Robert Pattinson, 35, is the newest actor to take on the role of The Dark Knight, and he certainly won’t be the last. Previous Batman Michael Keaton, 70, who first took on the role in 1989’s Batman, is set to reprise his version of the superhero in The Flash.

Who plays Joker in The Batman 2022?

Barry Keoghan
Popular on Variety. “The Batman” director Matt Reeves released a deleted scene from his superhero epic on Thursday featuring Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader facing off against his classic nemesis, the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan.

Who will play Joker in The Batman 2021?

Barry Keoghan is seen as The Riddler’s new friend The Joker in The Batman’s latest film.

Will Robert Pattinson be Batman again?

Robert Pattinson plays Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, in Matt Reeves’ new DC film. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has not yet officially announced The Batman sequel. However, director Matt Reeves confirmed that plans are underway for The Batman 2.

What did Batman inject himself with?

Batman injected himself with a shot of adrenaline in order for him to overcome his injuries and continue fighting. After The Riddler’s arrest, the villain’s final act of terrorism is handed over to his followers, who oversee the flooding of Gotham whilst threatening the civilians with firearms.

Will there be a Joker 2?

While the sequel has been rumored to be in development for quite a while, Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the project. In January 2022, a report from Heroic Hollywood says a studio insider told them that Warner Bros. received a draft of the Joker 2 script and is making plans to begin production sometime in 2023.

Is Barry Keoghan the Joker?

Warner Bros has shared a deleted scene from The Batman featuring Barry Keoghan as The Joker. The film’s director, Matt Reeves, posted a screenshot of the video to social media on Thursday 24 March. The image shows The Joker in prison, separated from Robert Pattinson’s Batman by a glass panel.

What is Bane’s Venom?

Besides his regular use of Venom, which he acknowledged as a weakness, Bane also developed a variant of Venom, TN-1, as a means to overcome his addiction, but was reluctant to use it until it was perfected because it caused permanent and gradual memory loss.

Why does Batman punch Gordon?

The video (starting at the 7:31 mark) features the Dark Knight privately talking with Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon about his suspicions towards one of the Gotham City Police Department cops who might be working with The Penguin. Soon after, he suddenly punches Gordon as he runs away from the GCPD.

Has Batman ever used Venom?

A new edition of the classic tale from BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #16-20, introducing the strength-enhancing drug Venom. After Batman fails to save a young girl, he becomes addicted to Venom – and his entire life begins to spiral out of control.

Who is the DC version of Thor?

Viking Prince is DC’s version of Thor. Both are rooted in Norse mythology, and both have ties to Odin.

Who is the DC version of Spider-Man?

Ask a casual comic book fan who was the first spider-based superhero and they’ll likely name Marvel’s Spider-Man. Ask a die hard comic book fan and they’ll know the correct answer is DC’s The Tarantula.

Who is the DC version of Wolverine?

Batman’s son Damian Wayne, aka Robin, is becoming DC’s version of Wolverine.

Who is Superman equivalent in Marvel?

The alternate versions are each from a different dimension of the Marvel Multiverse, and consist of both heroes and villains. Thomas says that the character was intended as a pastiche of DC’s iconic hero Superman.

Hyperion (comics)
PublisherMarvel Comics

Who is the DC version of Deadpool?

Red Tool is the Deadpool of the DC Universe.