Gloria Fuertes (1917 – 1998) was one of the most representative authors of the Generation of 50.

Madrileña, was born in the Lavapiés district in a humble family. He developed his poetic and literary skills especially by addressing children’s audiences, to the point of becoming a true icon and public figure.

Great sentences by Gloria Fuertes

This woman left an indelible mark on 20th century children’s literature in Spain. We will know more about her thoughts and her poetic style through the best phrases (and verses) of Gloria Fuertes (about education, love, poetry…)

Let’s get started, without further ado.

1. The woman and the child need more affection, what milk!

Certainly, women and children were especially unprotected during the post-war era. So said Gloria Fuertes.

2. The most beautiful things in life happen in the animal world.

Naturalist, in this famous appointment he made clear his passion for the animal world.

3. And create that phrase that embraces the whole world; we poets should pull out our swords, invent more colors and write Our Fathers.

About the poet’s craft.

4. I have a feeling I’m loved by those who can’t love me.

One of many verses in which he complained about his lack of luck in the romantic field.

5. Sometimes I want to ask you things, and you intimidate me with your gaze, and I return to the silence infected with the shy perfume of your roses.

A sentence that declares a respectful and pure love.

6. The moon without a mirror of the night, the night without mystery by the moon, then I realized, you have a back as beautiful as a deer.

In the intimacy of the night, unique and beautiful looks emerge.

7. Who said melancholy is elegant? Take off that mask of sadness, there is always reason to sing, to praise the most holy mystery, let’s not be cowards, let’s run to tell anyone, there is always someone we love and who loves us.

An ode to hope in the realm of love.

8. You can create painting, sculpture and abstract music, but a house, a love and a poem cannot be abstract.

They must stick to a mystical concreteness. A beautiful contradiction told by Gloria Fuertes.

9. We poets love blood! We love the blood enclosed in the bottle of the body, not the blood spilled by the fields, nor the blood spilled by jealousy, by judges, by warriors; we love the blood spilled in the body, the happy blood that laughs through the veins, the blood that dances when we give a kiss.

Poets, in short, love passion and enjoyment.

10. In my chest tree there is a bird incarnate. When I see you, it is frightened, you are a scarecrow!

To be freely interpreted by the reader.

11. We must be concerned with healing the seeds, with bandaging hearts and writing the poem that will infect us all.

The ultimate mission of any self-respecting poet.

12. Poets, let us not waste time, let us work, for the heart is short of blood.

Another phrase from Gloria Fuertes that marks the way forward for those in her guild.

13. The best thing about forgetting is remembering.

Brave paradox of a melancholy heart.

14. Crystals of your absence riddle my voice, which spreads in the night through the glacial desert of my bedroom. I would like to be an angel and I am a wolf. I would like to be brightly yours and I am darkly mine.

One of his most unforgettable verses.

15. In view of what I see I undress, undress myself and keep, I love this having what I don’t have.

A series of paradoxes with a poetic and touching side.

16. High and profound is that which unites us, that which devours us and creates us; it is already possible to live having the soul taken by the soul of the one you are waiting for.

Defining love.

17. We detest hunters and even more so dissectors – worse than taking life is preserving death.

About the repulsion caused by animal abuse.

18. Poetry should not be a weapon, it should be an embrace, an invention, a discovery of what is inside others, that, a discovery, a breath, an attachment, a shudder. Poetry must be obligatory.

A verse that reveals his love for this literary genre.

19. What a bad genus the human race is.

About the discomfort that some human acts caused him.

20. The astronaut from the moon said: -Everything is OK… what you can hardly stand is this silence.

In another galaxy, and yet so lost.