How can I get out of here? is an illustrated album written by Cristina Cortés, a psychologist and therapist , specialized in children and youth and director of the Vitaliza psychology center, located in Pamplona. The book has been published by Desclée de Brouwer. It is an ambitious project that seeks to explain to children and families how to intervene with EMDR in children, in a pleasant and simple way.

In this way, becomes a valid therapeutic material for professionals in the world of psychology .

Explaining the use of EMDR in the child population

How can I get out of here? allows us to understand, through the use of simple and metaphorical language, what we are looking for in the intervention with EMDR therapy. This therapy seeks, as with any other type of psychological intervention, to leave the past behind and to move on with our lives in a healthy way .

It also invites families to be aware of the important role they play in the therapeutic processes of their children when they have been overtaken by life experiences. How they are the architects of their children’s emotional resources

Through the analogy of the emotional garden it is described how parents have a primary role in the regulation of emotions.

Also included are illustrations, which are available for download from the publisher with the aim of facilitating other psychology professionals to be able to carry out family dynamics of identifying emotions through play and fun.

How can I get out of here: a book that takes care of the details

The book How can I get out of here? It has been illustrated with a sublime beauty. The images are evocative, and are loaded with details that support the book’s message in a subtle and intuitive way.

Cristina Cortés combines clinical practice with dissemination, being the author of publications such as Mírame, siénteme. Strategies for repairing attachment in children through EMDR , a book with a foreword by Stephen W. Porges that is now in its third edition. His extensive experience and career in EMDR has led him to promote a line of publications specializing in EMDR in children to bring this therapy and its benefits to society .