How does online psychotherapy work?

How does online psychotherapy work?

Research on online psychology has shown the effectiveness of treatments to be at least equal to the results presented by psychotherapies carried out in a face-to-face manner.

We know that for psychotherapy to be effective, an adequate relationship between the psychologist and the person requesting his or her services is absolutely essential. This patient-psychologist interaction, thanks to the advances in communication, can take place not only in person but also at a distance .

It is clear that the most important elements in effective communication are the verbalizations (what we say and hear) and the visual information (what we see) that we receive. The use of video conferencing as a mode or way of doing psychotherapy is useful.

After what was said before, we can assert that online psychology is an adequate means of communication between psychologist and patient , since it provides us with the necessary verbal and visual interaction. Let’s see in more detail how online psychology can help patients.

What is a video conference?

A video conference is communication that is done simultaneously and bidirectionally in a virtual environment, with visual and auditory information, between individuals who are in different places. In addition, offers the possibility of having different digital tools ; such as sending videos, images, files, audios, links, etc.

What is fundamental about videoconferencing is the possibility it offers you of accessibility to ideal communication , as it allows you to send and receive both visual and sound information between different sites. This makes it possible for the patient to avoid the expense and loss of time involved in travelling to the psychologist’s surgery.

These advantages I just mentioned have made online psychotherapy the fastest growing area in psychologists’ therapies. Thus, in our practice we can see that between 40% and 50% of our psychotherapeutic work is currently online.

What does videoconferencing bring to online psychology?

With the above you will understand that online psychology by videoconference has become one of the fundamental tools for the professional development of the psychologist .

You have to know that for a psychotherapy session what is fundamentally needed is communication between therapist and patient. To be effective, this interaction has to be slow, calm, and smooth, in a warm, safe, and trusting atmosphere. If the psychologist together with the patient succeeds in this, the therapy will be emphatically similar to face-to-face psychotherapy.

How Online Psychotherapy Works

Online psychotherapy consists of offering you the psychotherapeutic tools to achieve psychological improvement, with the particularity that these tools will be sent to you online, from the Internet . In order for you to understand me more clearly, we will facilitate the psychological therapy that we offer in the face-to-face consultation, with the difference that the way in which you interact with your psychologist is not face-to-face, but by videoconference.

In online psychology there are many tools that can help us: e-mail, telephone, chat, video conference… but there is one element that brings together all the properties in one: video conference. Having the possibility of digital communication through the internet allows us to carry out the therapy in such a way that psychologist and patient can interact by seeing, listening, speaking, writing , sharing documents and images, etc.

Today we can say that video conferencing is a very important way to bring people together. It is being used, for work purposes to connect with other colleagues, in business meetings, when people are expatriated and/or away from their families and friends, it is used by those who have their partner in a distant place. And of course also as it could not be otherwise will serve us in the field of online psychology, so that psychologist and patient can carry out the psychotherapy sessions.

How does the email orientation consultation work?

This modality is for those people who need to have the professional opinion of a psychologist about something that concerns them or about a specific problem . If it is not attended to in this way, the consultation would most likely not be made.

What is offered is to evaluate and answer the questions sent by the person in a totally individualized way . What must be clear is that the response is one of advice and does not in itself imply a psychotherapeutic treatment.

With online psychology you can access the best psychologists from anywhere in the world, directly and without unnecessary waiting or travel, through online consultation and psychotherapy.

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