What is the top pay for package handlers at UPS?

UPS Package Handler Salaries
Job TitleSalary
UPS UPS Package Handler salaries – 878 salaries reported$15/hr
UPS UPS Package Handler salaries – 119 salaries reported$15/hr
UPS UPS Package Handler salaries – 41 salaries reported$12/hr
UPS UPS Package Handler salaries – 19 salaries reported$15/hr

Is working as a package handler at UPS hard?

Hard and fun work, decent pay but horrible short hours.

people are cool, nice benefits and good pay, however hours are often super short, management will fudge stuff for good numbers, and the work share can be quit bad depending on how many people you have that sort.

Is UPS package handler stressful?

46 answers

Package handler very fast paced very stressful they don’t allow you to turn off the conveyer it go so fast you can’t keep up and then they wonder why you have so many miss loads,well slow it down were only human not machines.

Do package handlers get raises at UPS?

Guaranteed at least 1 raise per year.

Can you work 2 shifts at UPS?

2 answers. Yes you would be able to. They basically let you work as many shifts as you want (or as your body will allow, because of how physically demanding the job is).

Is it hard to get hired at UPS?

Is It Hard to Get a Job at UPS? It’s not especially hard to get an entry UPS job, but it is hard to get to a good position, such as a regular UPS driver or RPCD. Usually, you need to start from the bottom, work hard, sign bid lists, and you’ll eventually get where you want to be.

What are the duties of a package handler at UPS?

UPS package handlers are vital to a company’s package delivery services. They sort and group packages according to their intended destinations and load them into appropriate delivery vehicles. They handle products with the utmost care and keep them secure at all times.

How long does it take to get promoted at UPS?

6 months
You have to be in current position for atleast 6 months in order to get a promotion.

Do you get paid biweekly at UPS?

Pay is weekly but they wont send you money until the week after your first week of employment so if you become employed on a monday you wont see a check until next Thursday night. to illustrate this: . so you have 11 to 12 days until you get paid. Yes UPS employees get paid every week on Thursdays.

Do you need a resume for UPS package handler?

Those looking to work as package handlers must show evidence of the following on their resumes – physical fitness, ability to lift and parcel all types of items, stamina, the ability to work independently, basic computer operation knowledge and communication skills.

What should I wear to a UPS package handler interview?

Applicants vying for manual labor jobs like driver helper or package handler should dress business-casual for an interview with UPS. Due to the nature of the job, candidates who wear overly formal attire to the job interview may not necessarily improve chances of hire.

Can a woman be a package handler at UPS?

Yes women do work as package handlers. I myself was a female package handler as well as my other co workers. We were all women. Yes, UPS is a very diverse company.

How long does the UPS interview take?

15 mins to 2.5 hours
26 Answers from Employees at UPS

Relatively from 15 mins to 2.5 hours depending on the position being interviewed for.

What to put on resume if you worked at UPS?

Use basic tools and equipment such as dock carts, hand-held scanners, chutes and unloading devices. Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work well in a fast-paced team environment. Concentrate, memorize and recall package labels on a daily basis. Load and unload UPS packages on truck daily.

What do I need to bring to a UPS interview?

No matter what UPS location you go to for your interview, you’ll need to bring a government-issued picture ID and your social security card. When you sit down for your interview, you may be speaking with a member of human resources, a supervisor, or both.

Does orientation at UPS mean you got the job?

Orientation does not mean you got the job. It means you can be selected at random to come in to work. If you have not yet received any notice that you are hired it is best to call HR to see the status of your application.

Do you have to wear boots at UPS?

You are required to wear boots. They can be steel toed or not. You cannot come in with sneakers only boots.

What shoes do UPS package handlers wear?

Wear only shoes with

Lace up, sturdy, above ankle height boot, non-slip bottom. Ankle work shoe, rounded toe, lace up closure, slip resistant rubber sole. Cushioned shoe for comfort and safety, closed toe and lace up, supportive and breathable.

Do you start work right after orientation?

The orientation may take place prior to you starting employment, or you could spend the beginning of your tenure at the job participating in an orientation program. Before you go, take the time to review the things you’ll need to do to get ready to start your job on the right foot.

Does UPS give you a uniform?

No Uniform. They tell you to dress comfortable and must wear boots to work.

What should I wear on my first day at UPS?

3The right clothing
  • Dress in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes.
  • No loose-fitting clothes that might get caught in mechanical equipment.
  • No shirts, hats or jackets with offensive themes, images or logos.
  • No loose or long jewelry—it’s better to leave all jewelry at home.

How long is a typical job orientation?

around three hours
Different industries require different levels of training and briefing before new employees can fully participate in their responsibilities. However, the widely accepted general standard for a new employee’s orientation duration is around three hours or no longer than a full workday.