How do I identify my Dexter trailer axle?

How do I identify my axle? In the unlikely event that you should require service assistance from Dexter, please have the lot (serial) number of the axle available when you call. engraving. Recreational Vehicle axles that have been certified for use in Canada will also bear the letters CSA.

How do I know what size Dexter Axle I have?

Where is the serial number on Dexter Axle?

The older Dexter axles had a metal tag attached. The newer axles had a easily seen vinyl tag with axel info. attached. They also had the serial number lightly laser etched into the square cross tube.

How do I know what trailer axle I have?

What does 3500 lb axle mean?

My understanding is that the 3500 lb axles mean that the trailers loaded weight should be no more than 7000 lb. I am concerned that I may exceed that weight, with horses, tack, hay, feed, water, etc.

How are Dexter trailer axles measured?

How much weight can a 3500 pound axle carry?

The carrying capacity of two 3,500 pound axles is 7,000 pounds. The axles support not only the cargo’s weight but also the weight of the trailer’s frame and body.

How much weight can you put on a 7k trailer?

A trailer that has two 7,000 lb axles has an axle capacity of 14,000 lbs, but trailers aren’t always limited by the axles which means a trailer could be rated for 12,000 lbs but have to 7k axles which means it’s overall capacity is still 12,000 lbs.

Is GVWR the actual weight?

Is the GVWR the actual weight of a vehicle? No, the GVWR is not necessarily the actual weight of a vehicle. The GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is a prescribed weight limit from the vehicle manufacturer, indicating the total amount the vehicle can weigh to operate safely.

How do you determine the carrying capacity of a trailer?

Subtract the curb weight from the GVWR to find the payload capacity. For example, if you have a light-duty truck with a GVWR of 9,000 pounds and a curb weight of 6,000 pounds, the payload capacity will be 3,000 pounds: GVWR – curb weight = payload capacity. 9,000 pounds – 6,000 pounds = 3,000 pounds.

Is it bad to overload a trailer?

We’ve seen it before, a vehicle passes you on the highway and you cringe because their trailer is overloaded. cost at the end of the day. Overload damages can range from bent axles, tire blowouts, structural damage such as weld failure to overpowering the tow vehicle.

Can you overload trailers?

Try to keep about 60% of the load in the front half of your trailer. Don’t overload the end of the trailer, or it could damage your trailer and cause other hazards. Try to keep your GVWR to about 80% of the allowed amount.

Can you make a trailer axle stronger?

Can 3,500 lb Axle of Trailer Be Upgraded to 5,200 lb Axle It’s definitely possible to upgrade a trailer’s axle rating to a higher rating by just swapping the axles. To pick out the correct axle you’ll need to measure the distance between the hub faces and the spring seat centers and you’ll… view full answer…

How much tongue weight can my truck handle?

Tongue load should be 10 to 15 percent of the trailer’s total weight—if you’re towing 5,000 pounds, the tongue weight would be 500 to 750 pounds. Typically, if your truck is rated high enough to handle the trailer you’re towing, it should also be rated high enough to handle the weight the trailer puts on the hitch.

Can you go over tongue weight?

Too much tongue weight could overload the rear tires of the towing vehicle, pushing the rear end of the vehicle around. When this happens, the vehicle is difficult to control; corners or curves may become more difficult to maneuver and your vehicle may not be as responsive when you try to brake.

Is 20% tongue weight too much?

On most trailers, 10-15% of the trailer’s weight distributed on the tongue shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you don’t exceed the actual tongue weight for your hitch. If you have trailer brakes, then they will be less effective and you will be working your vehicle’s brakes a little harder.

What size truck Do I need to pull 10000 pounds?

A half-ton truck with a max payload setup should be able to tow a 10,000-pound trailer. While a 3/4-ton truck will have no problems towing a 10,000-pound trailer, most half-ton trucks will be capable of towing this weight because they are equipped for heavy payloads.

Does towing shorten the life of a vehicle?

Now that you have a good idea of what makes up your vehicle’s towing capacity, don’t push your luck and exceed it. Doing so will only shorten your vehicle’s life span and put you and those around you on the road in danger.

What trucks can tow 6000 lbs?

Nissan Pathfinder Model years: 2005-2012; Towing capacity: up to 6,000 lbs. Chevrolet Tahoe & Suburban/GMC Yukon Model years: 2007-2014; Towing capacity: up to 8,200 lbs. Dodge Durango (5.7 L HEMI) Model years: 2004-2009; Towing capacity: up to 8,900 lbs.

What half-ton truck can tow the most?

Half Ton Truck Towing Capacity Comparison Chart
NameMax GVWRTowing Capacity
1Nissan Titan1,600 lbs.
2Ford F-1505,000 lbs.
3Chevrolet Silverado 15002,318 lbs.
4GMC Sierra 15002,318 lbs.

Why is 2WD better than 4WD for towing?

A 2WD has a higher towing capacity and returns better MPG. The initial purchase price of a 2WD is cheaper than a 4WD. A 4WD will be an advantage when maneuvering your 5th wheeler on low traction surfaces like wet grass and dirt tracks and offers more control up steep inclines and declines.

How much weight can a 1/2 ton truck pull?

It’s important to know modern half-ton trucks can usually tow somewhere around 9,000 to 10,000 pounds.