How do I get the JP version of Dokkan battle?

How do I download Dokkan battle JP on iOS?

How do I get Android 21 on Dokkan battle?

The initial card will be Android 21 (Transformed) “An Explosive Appetite.” Getting Awakening Medals in an event and using them on the card will trigger her transformation into Android 21 (Transformed) “Violent, Predatory Impulses” and level the card up into Ultra Rare.

How do I get Android 16 on Dokkan?

Can you have global and JP Dokkan battle?

You can actually, the Japanese version is not region locked, so anyone can play it. I have both version, Global and Japan, it depends what OS you have, different ways for Android and iOS to download the japanese version. I play both versions.

How do I get JP Dokkan on BlueStacks?