How do you roll and tuck socks?

Sock Technique #1 – Roll & Tuck

Take one of those socks and place it on the other sock. Take the cuff of the sock on top and fold it 1” in. Next, roll the toe of both socks up until you get to the cuff. Once that’s done tuck in the rolled part and then you’re done.

How do you fold long socks without stretching them?

How do you organize socks?

Arranging the Socks. Fold the socks to prevent them from getting stretched out. While it’s common for people to roll their socks into a ball, this stretches out the elastic. Instead, place a sock on top of its match and fold the stack in half once, and then in half again if the socks are longer.

How do ankle socks save space?

How do you fold socks into each other?

Lay your socks on top of each other on a flat surface with the bottom of the sock facing up. Roll your socks from the toe to the opening. Once you reach the top of the sock, hold the roll together while keeping the top layer free. Fold the top layer around the roll.