Where can I pay My Shaw Internet bill?

Payments can be made to us through online banking, telephone banking, or in person at your branch. Bank payments can take up to five business days to be posted on your account. For online or telephone banking, the payee should be listed as “Shaw Direct” or “Shaw Direct Communications Inc.”.

How do I pay My Shaw bill?

To make a payment using the My Shaw website:
  1. Visit my.shaw.ca.
  2. Sign in using your Shaw ID and password.
  3. Under My Bills, click the Make a payment button.
  4. Enter a payment amount.
  5. Enter your payment details or select a saved credit card profile.
  6. Click Pay now.

Can I pay My Shaw bill at the bank?

We offer multiple ways to pay your bill. You can pay via My Shaw, the My Shaw app, telephone/online banking or in person at your bank. For more payment options, check out Self Serve Payment Options.

What happens if you don’t pay Shaw?

If you continue to miss payments, your services may be suspended or cancelled. Cancellation may result in loss of your current phone number. In order to avoid suspension or cancellation of your service, you will need to pay the outstanding balance on your account.

How do I pay my Shaw bill over the phone?

To make a payment via our automated telephone service:
  1. Call 1-888-472-2222.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Follow the voice automated prompts.

How do I pay My Shaw bill late?

All you need to do is pay the outstanding balance, in full, using your credit card with one of the following methods:
  1. Internet or telephone banking.
  2. My Shaw.
  3. Shaw’s automated telephone banking.

How do I call Shaw?

For immediate assistance please chat or call us toll-free at 1-800-441-7429.

How many receivers can I have on My Shaw account?

6 receivers
How many receivers can I have? Shaw Direct generally limits accounts to 6 receivers per account. If you want to surpass this, contact Shaw Direct directly.

Why did My Shaw bill go up?

Why are my rates going up? We adjust our rates to ensure we can continue meeting the ever-evolving needs of our customers through improving our network, upgrading our technology and expanding our footprint across Canada.

Can I put My Shaw account on hold?

There is no need to cancel your Shaw services. You can temporarily suspend your Shaw services for a minimum of 30 days provided that you give us instructions to reconnect on a date that is within 180 days from the date on which you request the suspension.

What is extreme Shaw?

2 mins. Effective immediately, Shaw Communications announced yesterday a speed increase upgrade to Shaw Extreme, their base Internet service. This move is speculated to have been made to help customers reach their Internet experience’s full potential.