Justin Bieber is one of the best known singers today. He is of Canadian origin, and jumped to fame at a very early age thanks to the viralization he experienced through YouTube, when he posted a video in which he appeared in his room playing guitar and singing.

Thus, Bieber jumped to stardom quickly, and in 2016 won his first Grammy .

Famous quotes from Justin Bieber

Throughout his short career this artist has uttered many memorable phrases and verses. In the following collection you can find 50 of Justin Bieber’s most famous phrases .

1. Love is a feeling. People think it’s a fairy tale because they’ve seen it in the movies. Reality is different

Hollywood movies have done a lot of damage to the beliefs we have about love, leading us to believe that it is perfect.

2. In sex it is best to wait for the person you love

It’s not the same having sex as making love.

3. I am not a fighter by nature, but if I believe in something, I fight to the end to get it

Bieber tells us what he is like in the face of challenges .

4. The sense of forgiveness, people make mistakes. Only God can judge me

We must not judge others, for we can all make mistakes.

5. In my opinion between Madrid and Barcelona, I’m more of a Barcelona man since I prefer Messi instead of Cristiano Ronaldo

Bieber’s opinion on which La Liga team he prefers.

6. Love is a choice

We choose who we want to be with.

7. Think before you say something that hurts another person. It may seem like they’re okay, but they’re not. Words are more powerful than you think

Sometimes we say things without thinking about the damage our words cause.

8. Well, maybe I like football better than basketball. Is it because I’m not that tall?

A Bieber opinion on what sport he prefers.

9. When you become famous, you get people to encourage and love you. You’ll do something and they’ll say, “That was amazing, Justin! In fact, it’s amazing to feel this when you’re young

Fame changes your life , especially in the way others treat you.

10. Born March 1, 1994, Celine Dion was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list with The Power of Love. Not bad for a start

Bieber was born on the same day that one of the best singers in history was ranking first on one of the most prestigious pop music lists.

11. When you said you hated my friends, the problem was yours and not theirs

There are people who feel great frustration and are angry with everything around them.

12. Am I in love with you or with the feeling I have?

Bieber questions whether he feels towards the special person or how the person makes him feel.

13. I always read all the letters the fans send me. Many of them send candy, but I’m not allowed to eat. My mom is afraid they might have something poisonous in them

Fanaticism can sometimes lead people to commit crazy things.

14. I love knowing how to speak French because, let’s be honest, if a guy speaks French the girls will surrender at his feet, for them it’s the language of love. And I love my French fans! Très jolie!

A nod to the French-born followers. Bieber has fans all over the world.

15. God loves you

Biber, with this phrase, concludes all his concerts.

16. I want to be known as a good person, I have my bad days, but not everyone is perfect

People can make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we’re bad people.

17. Don’t fall, follow your dreams. Everything is possible

A motivating phrase from someone who has achieved success in his life.

18. I want to thank my mother for everything she is wonderful and beautiful

A quote from Bieber that shows the most sincere gratitude towards his mother .

19. Even though I know that as a singer I should eat dairy before every concert, I break the rules: the pizza is too good!

Dairy products are not good for the voice and that is why they are not recommended before a concert.

20. For a girl to be able to impress me she must be a good person, although it is difficult to find a good girl

Love is not given to just anyone, but to those who deserve it.

21. If I could, I would take my special girl out in a hot air balloon

A romantic confession by the singer , about what he would do for the person he loves.

22. Fame is not everything in this life

There are individuals who think that having fame and money equals being happy. Actually, it’s not exactly like that.

23. My first kiss was with a girl from school, her name is… wait, I don’t remember her name

A Bieber quote with a touch of humor.

24. Try being a bad skater, a talentless video editor or a clumsy golf player. If we only did what we were good at we wouldn’t learn anything

A way of saying that we have nothing to fear, we are always in time to learn new things .

25. Take my hand, I will always be there, you need not fear

A way to convey confidence.

26. If I do ten percent of what Michael Jackson did for the world, I know I will have achieved something great

Michael Jackson is considered the King of Pop, and was one of the idols of Justin Bieber .

27. God sent you an angel to help you. He gave you the address, taught you how to read a map for this long journey. said it’s not over

A quote that appears in one of his most popular songs.

28. The only thing I can compare to what I feel is the experience of bungee jumping in New Zealand. It was not an easy trip but I found myself there, ready to jump into the void without knowing what would happen. But I was sure it would be something I would never forget

Bieber tells one of the experiences that have marked him the most.

29. I can’t get you out of my mind, I need you to save me. If I ever lose you, know that I’m crazy

Love is a feeling so intense that it can almost drive us crazy.

30. It takes me five to ten minutes to fix my hair, well maybe eight

A confession from Bieber about why he always wears his hair so neatly.

31. I broke my foot in the middle of a song. In front of 12,000 people and Taylor Swift. I won’t tell you what went through my mind

Bieber tells of one of the worst experiences he has had as a singer.

32. My mother doesn’t like you and she likes everyone

A quote from his song Love Yourself.

33. They laugh at me for being different, I laugh at everyone for being the same

A great phrase with a certain touch of irony, but which leaves a clear message.

Insulting someone takes minutes, and it can take a lifetime to repair that pain

Sometimes we are not aware of the damage that words do, so we must watch what we say.

35. I listen to a lot of songs on the radio, and I’m not a big fan of the music you hear today

A critique of the music industry about the songs that are played today.

36. Nothing makes my heart race like hockey. Well, so did Beyoncé, but that was from the age of 12. One day I opened my eyes and discovered that the world was full of beautiful girls, now I can’t think of anything else

A date that talks about the women the singer likes.

37. Life is not easy. I’m not made of iron. Don’t forget I’m human, don’t forget I’m real.

Despite being a music superstar, Justin Bieber is a real person.

38. I’ll take all the blame if you want, but you know there’s no one innocent in this game

A quote from one of his songs is called “Sorry”.

39. It’s a waste of time if your waist isn’t mine, think about it

A declaration of love.

40. I gave you attention when no one else in the dava. I gave you my shirt off my back, what do you say now?

This verse appears in the song “Where Are U Now”.

41. I didn’t really have many friends at school, because I played sports and they spoke badly of me

Justin Bieber confessing that in his student years, he was not a popular person .

42. I would like to make movies that show my funny side

Justin Bieber would like to be an actor.

43. I have been inspired by Michael Jackson, I see all his steps, movements and dances. When Michael Jackson died, I cried so hard I never thought I’d say it, but since you ask…

Bieber has never denied that his great inspiration is Michael Jackson.

44. Happiness is found in little things

Despite having everything in this life, for Bieber, what makes him happy are the things of everyday life.

45. I was once told never to dream. I told them never say never

Bieber has reached the top of music, that is why believes that it is possible to achieve what everyone wants .

46. Every day that we wake up is a blessing Pursue your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you

A motivating phrase to inspire us to fight for what we like best.

47. Rumors are created by enemies, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots

Rumors, even if not true, can sometimes be as valuable as a truth for others.

48. I don’t love money; once you start loving money, you have a big house, nice cars, and an empty heart

Being rich doesn’t make you a happy person. Money can make you miserable.

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49. We are the generation, who will fight for it? We are the inspiration, do you believe enough to die for it?

A phrase taken from his song “Children”.

50. It doesn’t make sense if I don’t do it with you

Another line from one of his songs. This time, “No sense.”

51. There is nothing better than working on what you are passionate about

When you love something and work at it , you are closer to being happy.

52. No matter how talented you are, not everyone will like you. But that’s life and you have to be strong

Life is not always easy, but you have to keep fighting and get up after falls.

53. I don’t believe in late-term abortion; it’s like killing a child

Bieber’s critique of abortion as he understands it.

54. Love is amazing, even though sometimes you love your partner and sometimes the opposite

Being with someone you love is not a bed of roses, sometimes you have to resolve conflicts. .