Do they still make Uniflame gas grills?

Currently, Uniflame holds a decent share of the lower-end gas grill market. Walmart sells the grills at a low price point so they are accessible to a lot of people. Additionally, people seem to be willing to buy replacement burners and heat plates to keep their grills working.

Who makes Uniflame?

Blue Rhino acquired Uniflame for $13 per share.

What is a Uniflame grill?

No barbecue is complete without this Blue Rhino UniFlame® gas grill. Offering 300-sq in of cooking space with two main burners, you’ll able to grill steaks and burgers at the same time. It easily starts up with its push button ignition, and creates a more personalized grilling experience with its control panel.

How do you replace the burner on a uniflame grill?

Where is the model number on a uniflame grill?

Check your grill for a small metal plate or label with certification information on it, including your model number. This plate might be located on the back of the grill, front plate or inside the cabinet doors. Uniflame models are usually a combination of numbers and letters.