How do you become a healer in virtual villagers?

Healers can be trained when a villager successfully heal a sick villager. In some games, the healer can be trained by having them do research about medicine.

How do you train the doctor in virtual villagers 4?

Once you’ve researched Level 2 of Medicine technology, your villagers will be able to study medicine (click on the “?” next to “Buy” button for Medicine Tech for more information about that tech). Before you get to that level, healing sick villagers is the only way to train healers.

How do you heal in virtual villagers 3?

Sick villagerstend to cough, slow down and rest. Drag another villager on top of the sick one to try and heal the sick one. By doing so, the healer will gain healing skills and will be very handy to have around within the tribe.

How do you get rid of the poison frogs in virtual villagers?

Poisonous frogs appear randomly throughout the village. Children can be used to catch these and remove them safely. Alternatively, an adult can remove a frog, but will usually become sick in doing so. The heron, which can be bought as a pet in the marketplace, will also remove the frogs safely.

Is there a virtual villagers 6?

Virtual Villagers 6: Dark Rebellion | SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki | Fandom.

How do you rescue the frogs In Virtual Villagers 4?

  1. Look to the right of the stairs going up the cliff.
  2. When it rains you will see a puddle of water appear in this area and frogs will show up.
  3. Drag an adult onto the frogs and they will carry one to the tree.
  4. Repeat this process until six frogs have been rescued.

How do you get the golden child in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

To get the Golden Child, click on the nursing mother and drag her, along with the baby, into the lagoon. Virtual Villagers Origin 2 brings you real-time gameplay where each character has a unique personality and playstyle. When the baby has finished nursing, it will appear in the village as the Golden Child.

How do you release the Kraken in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Once the crafting hut is built, drag a villager to the three empty buckets next to the bag of seeds. The villager will gather water. Once the water is collected, drag a villager to the crafting hut and give them the bucket of water. (If you give them the oil they’ll take it to the Kraken statue to be lit.)

How do you heal a weakened villager in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

If they are sick, you need to heal them; if there isn’t any food available for them to eat, you will need to gather food to rebuild their health. Only when they are free of disease and have food to eat will their health start to improve.

How do you move the boulder in Virtual Villagers Origins?

To move the boulder, you need to have the golden child. Once the golden child is old enough, he will investigate and move the boulder all by himself. To find the butterflies, have the golden child, drag him over to the garden, and he’ll make the butterflies appear.

How do you get the lagoon on Virtual Villagers?

Your villagers will need to have researched Level 2 of Construction to work on this puzzle. Drag a villager to the pile of rocks blocking the flow of water from the creek. Once the blockage is cleared, the water will flow into a sparkling lagoon that your villagers will use for various work and leisure activities.

What does Giant Head mean in virtual villagers?

Giant Head. Increases the size of the villager’s head. Master Builder. The villager becomes a master at building.

What can the Golden child do in virtual villagers?

The Golden Child has some significant powers that are unobtainable by any other villager. He is able to magically create food, regrow the berries on the berry bush, and restore the crops in the agricultural area.

How do you bury the dead in virtual villagers?

Instructions. When a villager dies, drop another villager on the remains of the deceased villager so that they take the remains to the graveyard located at the northeast corner of the village.

How do you carve the rocks in virtual villagers?

Drag a builder to the shiny rock on the west side of the village and they will chisel the rock to create an idol. To speed up the process, drop more builders on the rock.

What happens after you finish all the puzzles in virtual villagers?

After all the puzzles are solved, there is no big reveal behind the cave mystery. The game continues on as if the puzzles weren’t solved. There is no big ending. The only thing you’ll get from solving all the puzzles is the satisfaction you did solve them.

How do I get my virtual villagers to fish?

There are two requirements to enable your villagers to fish: Level 3 of Farming Tech and a beach that’s free of debris, so that they can access the ocean.

Who is the golden child in virtual villagers?

With Puzzle 5 and 12 completed, and Level 3 of Fertility, put a nursing mother in the lagoon. The child will become The Golden Child. As long as the previous puzzle is finished, put The Golden Child on the magic garden discovered in Puzzle 9. Butterflies will appear and follow The Golden Child.

Does Virtual Villagers have an ending?

Is there an ending to the game? Virtual Villagers, like all of our real-time games, is designed to be open-ended. Each game has clear goals, but the games can continue to go on and allow you to play as long as you like.

How old do virtual villagers live?

How long do virtual villagers live? Adult. Adults are villagers with the ages 19-50/55 years old (depending on the game). They can work and reproduce, They can run if they like running, but if they dislike it, their speed is very slow.

Where is the treasure in virtual villagers?

The treasure can be found just south of the food bin, between the temple and the bin. A clue is not given by just dragging a villager over the area. You need to place the villager – a master builder – just right to discover the hiding spot. It may take multiple tries to place the villager correctly.