Do the Smurfs have a mother?

Janine Devroye “Mother” Smurfette is a character that is part of the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Mother Smurfette (Hero Stories)
Mother Smurfette
Also Known AsJanine Devroye Smurfette (“birth” name)

How many female Smurfs were there?

The Smurfs did introduce two female characters to the hit Hanna-Barbera animated series, which debuted on NBC in 1981, but only halfheartedly. The first was Sassette, the Skipper “kid sister” figure to Smurfette’s Barbie. Nanny Smurf, a stereotypical grandmother, is the other.

Who is the only female Smurf?

Smurfette (French: La Schtroumpfette) is one of the protagonists from the comic strip the Smurfs.
Smurfette as she originally appeared (in comics) (left) and after Papa Smurf turned her into a real Smurf (In comics) (right)
Publication information
First appearanceSpirou (Comic Strip; 1966)

Why was there only female Smurfs?

Origin. Smurfette was created by Gargamel, which explains her original position as the only female Smurf in the village. Gargamel created her to infiltrate the Smurf Village and create discord among the other Smurfs so they would destroy themselves.

How do Smurfs have babies?

Smurfs are primarily a single-gender race that are generally born male (though Smurfs do not physically reproduce, they do come into the world by a stork that delivers them to the Smurf Village from an unknown location); very few Smurfs are female, and those that are are most likely magical creations rather than …

Who is Papa’s wife?

She is the mother of both Empath and Brainy Smurf, and the one-time wife of Papa Smurf (who was identified by Lillithina and her fellow Smurfs as Culliford, named for his creator).

Lillithina Smurfette (Empath stories)
Lillithina Smurfette
NationalitySmurf Village, unknown clan
OccupationPapa Smurf’s wife, mother of Empath and Brainy

Are all Smurfs asexual?

Since the mainstream Smurfs are by nature a single-gendered race, natural-born Smurfs are mostly male, with female Smurfs being magical creations. Strangely in the cartoon show, Baby Smurf’s gender is rarely if ever revealed in any interpersonal conversation among the adult Smurfs.

Who is Smurfettes true love?

Brainy, Smurfette’s True Love.

Are all the Smurfs brothers and sisters?

Family. Smurfette (sister), Gargamel (creator and biological father), Grandpa Smurf (adoptive grandfather), numerous adoptive brothers.

Who are baby Smurfs parents?

Papa Smurf has made it clear that all Smurfs are responsible for Baby Smurf. Although Baby can be seen looked after by various Smurfs at any given time, Papa Smurf is the prime guardian and it is at Papa’s house where Baby’s crib is. Sassette Smurfling can once in a while be seen with Baby as well.

What Colour is a Smurfs blood?

Bioau Series. In the Bioau story series, Butcher Smurf is often covered in blood from the fish he butchers. This blood is red. Smurf blood, meanwhile, is a bright purple color.

How long do Smurfs live for?

In mainstream Smurfs media, the Smurfs have longer life spans than humans, with young Smurfs maturing from infancy to adulthood in 100 to 150 years, according to the media universe. Papa Smurf was originally the longest-lived among them at 542 or 546 years of age, with Grandpa Smurf being twice his son’s age.

Is there a sleepy Smurf?

Lazy Smurf (a.k.a. Sleepy Smurf)

Lazy Smurf is the laziest of all the Smurfs. He spends almost all his time sleeping, either in his bed, a hammock, on the grass, or anywhere at any time day or night.

Who did Smurfette marry?

In an alternate timeline explored by Traveler Smurf, however, Smurfette fell in love with and married Papa Smurf, much to the disgust and consternation of her fellow Smurfs.

Is Papa Smurf the Smurfs Dad?

Within the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf is considered the father figure of every Smurf due to his leadership role. However, younger Smurfs are set to later become fathers as the series progresses. Gargamel considers himself the father of Smurfette because he is her original creator.

What is the Black Smurfs name?

A Black Smurf is a character that originally appeared in the European Smurf comic book story “The Black Smurfs” (Les Schtroumpfs Noirs in French), which later became “The Purple Smurfs” when it was adapted to English.
Black Smurf
GenderBoth Genders

Is Smurfette the daughter of Papa Smurfs?

Baby Smurfette is the name of the Smurf character that was born the daughter of Papa Smurf and Smurfette in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf alternate timeline story “Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette”.

Baby Smurfette (Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette, Empath stories)
Baby Smurfette

How old is the Lazy Smurf?

“The Strange Awakening of Lazy Smurf” – the rest of the Smurfs decide to play a practical joke on Lazy Smurf and while he takes a long nap, they put on wigs and makeup and make Smurf village look like it has aged 200 years.

Was there a Purple Smurf?

A Purple Smurf is basically a Smurf who has been infected with the “purple disease” by either a purple fly or by another Purple Smurf, usually by biting him or her in the tail.

Are there red Smurfs?

Red is one of the Smurfs who appears among a group of Smurfs in the 2011 Smurfs movie. He is identified as this by Sony Pictures Imageworks due to the color overalls that he wears.

Is Vanity Smurf a boy or girl?

Vanity has been noted to be the “Most Beautiful Thing Around” by a few female characters, despite looking like the other Smurfs. TV Tropes describes this as the Informed Attractiveness trope. Vanity is the only Smurf to have a flower on his hat, although Smurfette is seen with a flower on her hat numerous times.

Are there different colored Smurfs?

The multi-colored Smurfs appeared in The Egg and the Smurfs. They are a trio of ordinary Smurfs who use the magic egg to wish to be other colors instead of blue: one becomes yellow, one red and the other one becomes purple with green stripes.