What is gobo short for?

A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc, and used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. The term Gobo is short for “Go Between Optics”, describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a lighting fixture.

What does gobo mean in Japanese?

Gobo is the Japanese name for burdock root, which is a very popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It’s incredibly delicious and often used in sushi rolls, miso soup, kinpira, or other side dishes. My favorite is gobo sushi roll, where pickled gobo is rolled in sushi rice and seaweed sheet to make vegetarian rolls.

Where does the word gobo come from?

The term can be traced back to the cinema studios of the 1930s. Some lighting professionals believe it is an acronym for “goes before optics” or, less often, “goes between optics”.

What is gobo lighting for weddings?

What is a gobo? A gobo GOes Between Optics (the lamp and the lens) of a spotlight. Also known as a projection pattern, a gobo can be made from plastic, transparency film, metal, or glass. The most common type of gobo used for weddings is metal.

What is gobo in Chinese?

Gobo is a Japanese word which means burdock roots. Some call it arctium lappa and greater burdock. The roots are edible. Besides, greater burdock root is also known as niúbàng (牛蒡) in Chinese. And, it is widely consumed in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

What is Japanese burdock?

Gobo is burdock root and a very popular vegetable in Japan. It is hard and looks like a tree root, but it gets quite soft when cooked and then it has a mild but distinct flavor. Though Gobo doesn’t contain very many vitamins, it has a lot of fiber and minerals.

What is Monogram gobo?

Gobos and Projected Monograms

A traditional gobo is basically a stencil, either laser-cut steel or specially-prepared glass, used to project monograms, logos, textures, and shapes. To achieve this effect, we generally encourage the modern equivalent: using high-end video projection instead of stencils.

How many uplights do you need for a wedding?

How Many Uplights Do I Need for My Wedding or Event?
Room CapacityAccent LightingModerate Coverage
5010 uplights14 uplights
10010 uplights18 uplights
15014 uplights20 uplights
20018 uplights26 uplights

How do I Monogram my wedding project?

How does a monogram light work?

How do you use a monogram projector?

How much does a monogram gobo cost?

How much does a gobo cost? Custom Steel gobos are $55.95, stock steel gobos are $10.95.

How do you make gobos light?

How do you make a gobo monogram?

How does a gobo work?

With a gobo, focus is key. The light comes from the lamp or diode and hits the gobo, which blocks out all of the light except for the desired pattern. The light then hits the lens, which flips the image back around to the correct orientation so it will appear as desired on a wall or floor.

How much does it cost to make a gobo?

Custom Gobo Pricing
One Color GlassTwo Colors GlassThree Color Glass
Original: US$169 (C$179) Duplicate: US$109 (C138)Original: US$269 (C$319) Duplicate: US$159 (C$199)Original: US$329 (C$416) Duplicate: US$199 (C$249)

What is a gobo logo?

A gobo (which stands for ‘goes before optics’) is a stencil that is placed inside projector which produces a light projection of an image or text. You’ve probably seen them used at weddings or at restaurants where they’re used to project a logo onto the wall, but have you ever wondered how they’re made?

What is a gobo in music?

Gobo is a sound recording term for a movable acoustic isolation panel. In typical use, a recording engineer might put a gobo between two musicians to increase the isolation of their microphones from each other.

What is a gobo slide?

The word “GOBO” is used in the world of light and lighting to mean a shaped template which is held in front of a light source to form a particular image in the light beam. The origins of the word are not proven but some sources quote it as possibly being an acronym for “Graphical Optical Black Out”.

What is gobo in scratch?

Gobo is a yellow creature on scratch. Color: Yellow. He Has 3 Costumes. Gobo-a. Gobo-b.

Who makes gobo?

Apollo Design
Apollo Design is the world’s leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of gobos. We have created over 2.5 million gobos since our establishment in 1992 and we maintain a collection of over 3,300 gobo patterns.

SuperResolution® Gobo Features.
BezelIncluded if required

How do I order gobo?

  1. 1 Create Gobo. Create your gobo below. using text, graphics and borders.
  2. 2 Create PDF. Review your final design, and preview your artwork PDF.
  3. 3 Submit to Dealer. Follow the information on the final design to order your gobo.