Is Cabarete worth visiting?

Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise with every watersport you can dream of. It’s best known for year round kiteboarding, due to the consistent easterly winds, but it’s worth visiting for so much more! Plus, it’s one of the few places Americans can actually visit during COVID madness!

Is Cabarete Dominican Republic nice?

Year-round warm weather, a lower cost of living, friendly locals, a fun lifestyle and tropical beaches all make Cabarete worth checking out. Cabarete is a laidback and relaxed town.

Is Cabarete safe to live?

Cabarete is a safe city to live and walk during the day or night. It’s small but very beautiful, with beautiful beaches and with the possibility of doing many activities. Perhaps a priori you will be surprised by the number of foreigners there, because it’s a tourist city and there are people who go there to retire.

Where do you fly into for Cabarete?

Puerto Plata Airport
The closest airport to Cabarete is Puerto Plata Airport (IATA: POP).