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What disease does Paul Stanley have?

Growing up, Paul Stanley was an unlikely candidate to become a rock star. He was born with a facial deformity, microtia, which prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf on the right side.

Where is Paul Stanley now?

He lives in Beverly Hills with his wife Erin and their 3 children; Emily, Sarah and Colin.

Who is Paul Stanley’s manager?

Longtime manager Doc McGhee says he’s certain Stanley and Simmons are truly ready to say goodbye at the band’s final show on July 17, 2021 in New York City.

What did Paul Stanley do in KISS?

New York City, U.S. Paul Stanley (born Stanley Bert Eisen; January 20, 1952) is an American musician who is the co-founder, frontman, rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the rock band Kiss. He is the writer or co-writer of many of the band’s most popular songs.

Who is Paul Stanleys sister?

Is Paul Stanley still married?

Stanley, 69, is currently married to Erin Sutton, 49. The two tied the knot in Pasadena, California on November 19, 2005 after several years of dating.

What was Stanley’s secret?

Until he had reconstructive surgery on his ear when he was 30, Stanley kept his birth defect a secret from everyone, including Simmons, 71. “Gene, up until I had my first surgery, had no idea that I couldn’t hear or that I had a birth defect,” he says.

How old is Ace Frehley?

How old is Paul Stanley Kiss?

Does Paul Stanley have a daughter?

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Who is the lead singer of Kiss?

Gene Simmons

Since 1973
Paul Stanley

Since 1973
Eric Carr

1980 – 1991
Kiss/Lead singers

How old is Alice Cooper now?

73-year-old Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, was born on February 4, 1948, and is an American singer, songwriter, and actor whose career spans over 50 years.