Can you contact seller on Mercari?

With Mercari, it is possible for buyers and sellers to communicate directly. If you are interested in a seller’s products, you can communicate with them without the interference of third parties. Being able to chat privately allows you to negotiate prices, request for discounts, and more.

Can you get scammed on Mercari as a seller?

There is no single scam associated with Mercari. However, there are many different complaints from sellers and buyers who use the site, partially because Mercari withholds funds from sellers until buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

How do I contact Mercari customers?

If you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud or other criminal activity, please call us at (888)325-2168 or report your suspicions to law enforcement.

What happens if seller doesn’t ship Mercari?

It’s up to the seller to agree or deny the cancellation request. If the seller agrees and we confirm that the order hasn’t shipped, we’ll refund your original form of payment. If the seller denies the request, they can ship and complete the transaction as originally planned.

What does unable to contact API mean on Mercari?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is simply the way your app (Mercari, in this case) communicates with other apps/servers. In this case, you are typically having a problem and getting the “unable To Contact API” message because Mercari is unable to communicate with Google or Facebook to log you in.