What does name Lea mean?

delicate; weary; meadow or pasture
Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:1428. Meaning:delicate; weary; meadow or pasture. Lea as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Lea), is a variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Lee (Old English), and the meaning of Lea is “delicate; weary; meadow or pasture”.

What does Lea stand for in the Bible?

Biblical in origin, Leah means “languid, weary” from the Hebrew “le’ah” (לֵאָה). Borne from the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament, we are introduced to Leah in the book of Genesis as Jacob’s first wife. She is also remembered as Rachel’s older sister.

What does Lea stand for in medical terms?

A lower extremity arterial (LEA) evaluation, also known as ankle-brachial index (ABI), is a non-invasive test that is used to diagnose peripheral arterial disease (also known as peripheral vascular disease).

Does Lea mean lioness?

Meaning of Léa

Besides, Léa means “cow” (from Accadian “littu”) or “lioness” (according to the name Leo).

Is Lea a Bible name?

Lea is a variant of the biblical name Leah and is of Hebrew origin. She is the elder sister of Rahel and the first wife of Jacob. Lea is the mother of Dinah and of six sons, which are the founders of six of the twelve Tribes of Israel.