What is the squirrels name in Over the Hedge?

Hammy — A hyperactive squirrel, Hammy is the least intelligent, though also the most lovable character in the strip, spouting random comments at random moments. His comments usually state an unusually short lecture on a topic of little interest to the other characters.

Who is Hammy the squirrel?

Hammy is a hyperactive, sweet, red squirrel whose mouth moves as fast as his feet, he is innocent, dim-witted, very fast, romantic, friendly, curious, and very childish in nature with an extremely short attention span.

Is Hammy a girl?

Hammy – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What does RJ stand for Over the Hedge?

While trying to leave, he accidentally wakes up Vincent and loses both the food and the red wagon that it is on when a truck runs it over. Angry at RJ for letting this happen, Vincent turns on RJ and chases him, preventing him from escaping, then proceeds to grab RJ by his head and open his jaws to swallow him.

What is the animal chasing the nut in Ice Age?

Scrat is an acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel that lived during the ice ages, attempting to store his prized acorn.

Is Verne a turtle?

Verne is a cautious and a naturally tentative box turtle, who appears in the comics and film Over the hedge as the deuteragonist. He is the former leader of the group and is RJ, Hammy and Stella’s best friend.

What is the skunks name off of Over the Hedge?

Wanda Sykes as Stella, a short-tempered, sassy striped skunk.

What kind of animal is RJ?

Character information

RJ was created by Jin. He is a white alpaca who always wears a red scarf—when it is cold he wears a grey parka. RJ originated from Machu Picchu, hates shaving his fur, and loves to eat. Shooky was created by Suga.

What type of animal is RJ?

Jin’s contribution RJ is an alpaca who often wears a parka, because he gets cold easily.

Who played the possum in Over the Hedge?

William Shatner
Ozzie is a character in the Over the Hedge franchise. He is one of RJ’s best friends and Heather’s father. He is voiced by William Shatner.

What are the animals in Over the Hedge?

There he discovers a pack of animals recently awoken from their hibernation, led by Verne the turtle. The others include squirrel Hammy, skunk Stella, porcupines Penny and Lou, along with their triplet sons, Spike, Bucky and Quillo; and opossum Ozzie and his daughter Heather.

Who voices Stella Over the Hedge?

Wanda Sykes
Over the Hedge (2006) – Wanda Sykes as Stella – IMDb.

Is there a hedgehog in Over the Hedge?

Bucky, Spike and Quillo.

What is Heather in Over the Hedge?

Heather is a 16-year-old opossum.

Who is Penny in Over the Hedge?

Catherine O’Hara
Over the Hedge (2006) – Catherine O’Hara as Penny – IMDb.

Who is Skeeter in Over the Hedge?

Paul Butcher is the voice of Skeeter in Over the Hedge.

How old is Gladys Sharp?

Gladys Mabel Sharp was born in Islay, Alberta on September 22, 1926 and passed away on May 2, 2012 at the age of 85 years.

Who does the voice of Hamm in Over the Hedge?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. John Dezso Ratzenberger (born April 6, 1947) is an American actor and filmmaker. He is one of the most successful actors of all time in terms of box-office receipts.