Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is a famous soccer player born in Rosario, Argentina in 1987. More commonly known as Leo Messi or simply Messi, is possibly one of the greatest players of all time.

As a member of F.C Barcelona (one of the best clubs in the world) Leo Messi has won everything a footballer can win: Spanish football leagues, UEFA Champions League, Super Cups, Golden Boots, Golden Balls and a long list of other records.

Unforgettable phrases of Leo Messi

This athlete has shown in many occasions to be as great inside the track as outside it, his personality has led him to be one of the players better valued by the fans internationally. Do you want to know a little more about the personality of this famous athlete?

Below you can enjoy the 75 best phrases of Leo Messi , some phrases that as a fan… you can’t miss.

1. Without the help of my colleagues I would be nothing at all. I wouldn’t be winning titles or awards or anything.

Fellowship is something this player values and encourages in his own team.

2. I am more concerned about being a good person than about being the best player in the world.

In this appointment we can see that Messi values his way of being much more than his footballing skills.

3. The day when it seems that there is no improvement to be made will be a very sad day for any player.

All players seek to maintain a constant evolution in their own game.

4. Rijkaard was the most important technician for me. He trusted me at the right time.

In this sentence we can see how important the legendary Dutch coach is to Messi.

5. I always thought I wanted to play professionally, and I always knew that to do that I would have to make a lot of sacrifices.

Like many other children, this legendary player dreamed of becoming a professional when he was a child.

6. The day I don’t enjoy the field, I’m going to quit football.

When sport doesn’t fill you emotionally, it’s best to do something else.

7. My son came out very competitive. But I like to win too, so I don’t let him (laughs). Even when we climb a ladder and he gets there first, he makes sure to tell me he beat me.

Being the son of Leo Messi must be a great inspiration for his son, having a father like that the little one must possess great athletic gifts.

8. Barcelona is my home. Both the people and the club have given me everything.

As we can see this player feels very comfortable in the Catalan capital.

9. The birth of my son Thiago is the most beautiful thing this life has given me.

As it could happen to any person, the birth of his children deeply marked the 10th of the FC Barcelona.

10. With Neymar and Suarez we are real friends and that allows us to play like that.

To be able to give the best of oneself on the field, there must be a great rapport with our teammates.

11. The thorn in my side is the national team, we played several finals and didn’t win any, but that’s football.

Winning the World Cup with Argentina is something this player has always dreamed of.

12. They made me understand that life isn’t just about football.

There is much more to life than sport, and athletes often forget that.

13. You can’t let your desire to be a winner affect you by achieving success earlier and I believe there is room for improvement in every athlete.

There are always things to improve, if not in the physical aspect will be in the emotional.

14. Children are the healthiest thing there is, especially when they are small and have no malice. They see you and they are transformed. Some are ashamed. They don’t speak, they don’t understand that I’m there and I spoke to them because they only see you on TV and, when they have you in front of them, they almost get scared. Making a child happy is what fills me most.

Children are the highest expression of spiritual purity, we must take care of them and promote positive values in them.

15. In football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigour and precision.

In order to be a great football player the precision of our passes is essential, Messi masters this aspect with great elegance.

16. I have many years of getting better and better, and that has to be my ambition.

When we have a career like Leo Messi behind us, experience motivates us to improve.

17. It’s not so easy for us when we play with teams that have a different mentality, like Chelsea or Inter Milan, as they intend to try and stop us instead of playing a game that is more attractive to spectators.

F.C Barcelona’s style of play clashes head-on with the English style of play, a much less showy style but frankly, very effective.

18. I don’t really have a favorite target. I remember important goals more than favourite ones, like goals in the Champions League where I had the chance to score in the two finals I played.

For any great player, winning the Champions League is one of the greatest achievements that can be made.

19. I have never stopped being Argentine, and I have never wanted to stop being Argentine. I feel very proud to be Argentine, even though I left there. I have been clear about this since I was very young, and I have not wanted to change.

Messi is very clear about his Argentinean roots and although he does not live in his native country he does not forget where he comes from.

20. I’m lucky to be part of a team that helps make me look good, and they deserve a lot of the credit for my success, as I do for the hard work we’ve all put into the training camp.

Football is a team sport and achievements are made as a team, all players give their best to make the team achieve glory.

21. As I have said many times before, I am always more likely to remember the goals of their importance than whether they are beautiful or not. Goals scored in the final, for example.

There are important victories that perhaps were not won with great plays, but still remain in our memory as spectators.

22. People seem to want to blame me for everything. Every time a problem comes up, they tell me I’ve been involved, even if I had nothing to do with it. That’s why I always focus on what I know, which is playing football, and try to be very careful about what I say because people always try to twist things.

This player doesn’t get carried away by people’s gossip, because when you play at the highest level this often happens.

23. We won’t take Arsenal lightly for a minute, as they showed in both games against us last season that they can be dangerous opponents if we lose our concentration for a moment.

Not being confident is essential so that your opponent doesn’t take you unawares and in sport it’s absolutely essential.

24. In the end, when all this is over, what do you take with you? My intention is that, when I retire, I’ll be remembered for being a good guy.

I’m sure Messi will be remembered with the love and admiration he deserves when he retires.

25. There were games where I didn’t catch one, but I was always aware that I was the number one critic of myself.

Our greatest rival and detractor is always ourselves, and this is something we should all have very much in mind.

26. I don’t like to lose anything and I try to be a help to win.

The competitiveness of this player has been extremely evident throughout his professional career.

27. I’d trade my five Golden Balls for a World Cup.

The World Cup is the great victory that resists to the 10 of the F.C Barcelona.

28. I love football when I do it, but when I finish I dedicate myself to my family.

The family is the second great dedication of the mythical gaucho player.

29. When I walked into the locker room and saw Henry, I couldn’t bring myself to look at his face. I knew everything he’d done in England.

For this player, meeting the legendary Arsenal striker Thierry Henry was a real experience.

30. Ronaldinho was a great help to me. It is never easy to enter a dressing room with 16 years.

Ronaldinho helped integrate Messi on and off the field, undoubtedly another great player that we will never forget.

31. In a million years he won’t be anywhere near Maradona.

There is a tendency to compare Messi with Maradona, we shouldn’t judge two players who competed in such different times.

32. I feel bad when we lose. I get angry and don’t want to talk to anyone.

No one likes to be beaten and this player even less so.

33. If it were up to me, I’d stay at Barcelona for the rest of my career.

This player’s predilection for the club where he has been trained is clear to us at this event.

34. I’ve always really liked football, and I’ve always devoted a lot of time to it.

In order to become a great at this sport, you must love and appreciate it since you were a child.

35. Visca el Barça, visca Catalunya and endure Argentina, the shell of his mother.

In this way so visceral, the 10 of the barça showed us who are their great loves.

36. It does not matter if I am better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but if Barça is better than Real Madrid.

The rivalry between F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid is perhaps the greatest that can be found in any sport.

37. I talk more to referees and opponents. With colleagues it’s not necessary. We’ve been playing together for so long that we can understand each other with a glance.

To be able to plot a move in the most stealthy way, looks alone are enough.

38. I’m happy with a ball on my feet. My motivation comes from playing the game I love.

In order to reach the highest level, passion is something fundamental, a passion that must accompany us all our lives.

39. My favorite insect is the monkey.

No doubt a good way to avoid a question, sometimes it is better to take things in a humorous way.

40. I like to get out, but you have to know when you can and can’t.

Every great player must control his desire to party, and to give the maximum level requires the maximum sacrifice.

41. When I was a kid, my friends would call me to go out with them, but I liked to stay home because I had practice the next day.

As we can see from this match, Messi has always known how to dose himself on the pitch.

42. I have made sacrifices by leaving Argentina, leaving my family to start a new life. I have changed my friends, my people. Everything. But everything I did, I did for football, to achieve my dream.

No doubt leaving your country, your people and your family must be a tremendously difficult thing for anyone to do.

43. Finals like the World Cup or the King’s Cup are the ones that have stayed with me the longest or that I remember the most.

To be able to play such a relevant final is the ultimate dream for any great football player.

44. Barcelona is my home, because both the club and the people here have given me everything, but I’m not going to stop being Argentine.

Messi will never forget where he came from and who he is, his roots are a fundamental part of this wonderful player.

45. I knew that my dream was to play in first division, I was going to fight for it and I was going to get it.

He was always very clear about where he wanted to go and nothing and nobody was going to stop him.

46. If I wasn’t paid to be a professional footballer I would be willing to play for nothing.

Money is not the most relevant thing for this player, the sport rewards you with many other things than just money.

47. It’s good that they value you as a person, that they have a good concept of you beyond scoring many goals.

To be valued by those around us is something we all seek in our lives.

48. I like scoring goals, but I also like having friends among the people I’ve played with.

Football is a sport that allows us to forge many friendships between our teammates in the dressing room.

49. I always say it: I go out on the field thinking about winning, not about scoring many goals.

In order to win in football, victory is achieved as a team, not by scoring goals or by individual plays.

50. I never think about the play or visualize anything. I do what comes to me in the moment. Instinct. It’s always been this way.

When we’re in the middle of a game we don’t have time to think, we have to play instinctively.

51. I’m slowly becoming better all the time. I haven’t lost the passion to play.

Passion is something that no one should lose; we should love what we do.

###¨52. Being famous gives me a chance to help other people who really need it, especially children.

Messi has always felt very committed to helping the little ones, something we should all admire in this great player.

53. I don’t need the best hair or the best body. Just give me a football and I’ll show you what I can do.

Messi’s qualities for football are innate, perhaps he does not possess the most aesthetic physique but he is the best player.

54. Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t always win.

As much as we’d all like to win every time, sometimes we have to accept defeat.

55. I still have a lot of room for improvement. For example, I want to kick equally with both feet.

Being ambidextrous is something every player would like to be, and with it you can reach a higher level of footballing prowess and be more unpredictable.

56. My family has always been present when I need them most and sometimes they feel more emotions than I do.

Having the support of your family is very important when we are required to give our best.

57. Motivating me on a daily basis is not a problem for me.

Motivation is something essential for any athlete, having it under control is indispensable when we compete at the highest level.

58. I’m not the kind of guy who shouts before a game.

Messi knows very well how to control his own nerves and impulses, after his magnificent career as a sportsman, it could not be any other way.

59. On a personal note, I don’t think I’ll realize what I’ve accomplished until I retire.

A race is not over until we reach the finish line, as long as we don’t reach it we can always perform new manoeuvres.

60. Whenever I start a year, I start with the goal by trying to achieve everything without comparing what I have achieved in other seasons.

When you’ve already earned everything you could earn as a footballer, a new year is perhaps a new personal challenge.

61. There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game.

Football is still a simple sport, life is much more complex and there are many things that are more relevant.

62. It was nice to have Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga because of the prestige it gave him. Excluding him and me, the best players in the world are Mbappé, Neymar, Hazard, Suárez and El Kun.

In this appointment we can observe who are for Leo Messi the best players in the world.

63. It’s always hard to digest defeats and bad results, but my son Thiago forces me to comment on what happened in the match and explain why it wasn’t won.

Being able to tell his son about his own mistakes helps Messi to overcome them.

64. I have been in Barcelona since I was 13 years old, in the best team in the world, in one of the best cities in the world, my children were born in Catalonia and I don’t need to go anywhere.

For him, Barcelona is already his home, he has largely internalized the feeling of belonging to this idyllic place.

65. Today everything has changed and young people are no longer so shy and enter lightly. They enter differently.

Now that you have a certain amount of laziness in the world of football, you can see how the new generations are of a different breed.

66. Cristiano Ronaldo would be missed on any team he’d been on and left.

The rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo has been perhaps one of the biggest in the world of sport.

67. In a penalty, you have much more to lose than to win. Here the goalkeeper feels more comfortable. If they score a goal, it’s normal, it’s a penalty. The one who shoots is more obliged to score than the goalkeeper is to stop.

A penalty can be a very uncomfortable moment for any player, although seen from the outside it may not seem so.

68. There are times when you notice that the good things in your country are the ones that make you happy and the bad things hurt the most.

No matter how much time Argentina spends, it will always have a deserved place in its heart.

69. It never crossed my mind to play for Spain.

He knew that as a convinced Argentinean, he couldn’t play with any other team.

70. After I said I was leaving the team, I thought about it coldly and it was giving the wrong message to people fighting for their dreams.

Messi feels in some way indebted to the country that saw him grow up and wants to give him back the glory he deserves.

71. I’m not immortal. That’s what sold sports journalism, although few people think that way.

Just as his colleagues are injured, we are all people and suffer equally.

72. When I speak, it can have repercussions everywhere, it can be interpreted in many, many ways. That’s why I try to be careful and stay out of trouble.

When we compete at the highest level we have to be very careful about our public statements.

73. He had everything in there. With how badly I’ve eaten for so many years… At 22 or 23 you don’t know anything about it, you don’t even think about it. I ate chocolate, alfajores, soda. Now I eat well, fish, meat, salad, vegetables. Everything but orderly. Every now and then I have a glass of wine. There’s always time to do that. I noticed a lot of change, especially at the moment of vomiting.

Food is a fundamental aspect for any athlete and for him of course it is too.

74. I’m the first one who knows when I’m playing badly, it’s not about the goals, it’s about the participation on the field, about having the game.

We all may not be one hundred percent on time one day, it is something we must know how to live with.

75. We owe the debt to ourselves, we owe the people nothing. We gave the maximum always. We reached three finals and it didn’t happen because God didn’t want it to.

When luck is not with us, there is nothing we can do, it just wasn’t our day.