The WhatsApp and social networking sites have become an indispensable tool for any type of human relationship. Knowing how to use the WhatsApp will help us be more successful in our love relationships.

Link by WhatsApp: 10 tricks to take advantage of it

We can be the kings of face-to-face flirting and get a thousand phone numbers in one night, but if we don’t learn to manage our time and charisma through WhatsApp, it won’t have helped.

Here are ten things you need to keep in mind to communicate effectively and keep your relationships in your phone book. Flirting through Whatsapp is possible, if you know how!

1. What is your goal?

We don’t have to lose sight of the fact that if we’re having a conversation on WhatsApp it’s because we want to meet that person face to face. Everything we do directly and indirectly has to be aimed at meeting that person and preparing the interaction for the real world .

Let us behave coherently and move towards our goal by being aware that human relationships are not always linear and are always two-way: the person behind the screen is a real person; let us act accordingly.

2. Have a motive

Having a why is fundamental and has to exist even before we have your phone number. Having a clear idea of why we are interested in the person in front of us will help us to be able to start a conversation and not be perceived by our interlocutor as the typical flirt who talks to anyone.

By the way: it is important that you know beforehand how not to flirt . I recommend you to read: “The 8 mistakes of a beginner seducer”.

Remembering the conversation we had will be vital to showing that girl that we care and that we have a real interest in her.

3. Get their attention

Once we are clear about our objective and the reasons that make us want to know it, it is necessary to generate interest and to create real and adequate expectations . Let’s not fall into the hackneyed and clichéd phrases. Linking through WhatsApp isn’t about that.

It’s possible that he’s talking to other kids, let’s be the one who’s really worth it because he knows how to express himself and has attractive tastes and hobbies. Let’s learn to know our strengths so that we can present them properly.

4. Effectively uses the law of scarcity

We value scarce things more than abundant ones. Look at expensive perfume bottles; they always go in a small bottle, while cheap perfumes usually go in a large two-litre bottle.

Let’s be that little expensive perfume bottle . This means that we don’t give away our time and attention at any price. Being always willing to talk to her and being too accessible will make us be perceived as one more among the hundreds of kids who are after them. Let’s spend our time on productive things and spend limited time looking at WhatsApp. Not everything in this life comes down to flirting for WhatsApp…

As we have already pointed out, our aim is to meet them face to face. Let’s focus on raising expectations. This does not mean that we cannot have long talks, it is important to generate complicity, but let us be aware that the talk has to be beneficial for us: our time is gold.

5. Assertiveness

Our communication has to be effective. Learning to say things sincerely and clearly will help us to make the other person understand that we do not want to become their friend (and that therefore we are not willing to remain in the ‘friendzone’) nor do we want to be their ” cyberbuddies “. We are people who know what we want and are not afraid to ask for it properly.

Learning a few assertive communication tricks will help us to communicate our wishes and be reciprocated.

6. Get to know it

If our goal is to meet in person, our way to reach this goal is the real interest to meet the girl who hides behind the screen. Let’s enjoy discovering aspects of her life, interests, tastes and hobbies.

All that information will be an inexhaustible source of conversations and reasons to meet with that person. Let us not fall into superficiality or banalities that do not allow us to access their feelings or ours. It is important to try to get to know the other person genuinely, and to focus more on their emotions than on ours in order to connect with them.

7. Online personality

It is important to stop on the way to emphasize that our personality 2.0. has to be the same as our personality 1.0.

Let’s take advantage to maximize ourselves and show the best of us without the need to lie or hide our defects. Let’s be ourselves and make the tool play in our favor. Linking through WhatsApp shouldn’t mean creating a fictional personality for ourselves, but rather promoting who we are , what we do and what we want.

8. Conversation

Let’s adapt our message to the context and learn to write effectively and correctly. Let’s look for resources to differentiate our communication from that of others by enhancing our personality. To link through WhatsApp we only have written resources and emoticons , as well as photos and videos.

Let’s use these resources in an original way to be able to transmit our personality 2.0. in an assertive way. A suitable way to do this is telling our day from an emotional perspective talking about our feelings about what happened to us today. Emoticons will help us to illustrate the message effectively even if we don’t abuse them because we can look like little children who don’t take themselves seriously. Let’s find unique games and ways of talking that make our conversation different from all the others. Let’s take advantage of the conversation so we can meet in person.

9. Qualification

If in the previous point we have pointed out the importance of an adequate and assertive communication, at this point we have to learn to value theirs. Make it understood that we like his personality and what he tells us and why will make the other person feel valued by us and consequently we will make him feel special.

Let’s respect their feelings just as we like them to respect ours. It is important to generate an appropriate intimacy with our message; let’s avoid being cheesy and let’s value their real qualities. One way to stay is to argue that WhatsApp’s tools are limited and that it would be nice to be able to share that interesting story face-to-face.

10. Share

Whatsapp allows you to send photos , videos, location and voice messages. These tools are very useful for illustrating our personality. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s add to our text a little bit of our intimacy thanks to these options that the application allows us.

Besides being able to share Internet links with which we can share songs, websites and other interests that we have. Linking through WhatsApp gives you the option to be multi-faceted and fun: take advantage of it! And, while we’re at it, don’t forget to do yourself a favour; unless it’s very clear to you and you want to do it, don’t ask for or send photos guarrindongas (a practice known as sexting ): the cherry on the cake comes at the end.


In short, the world 2.0. is not much different from 1.0. Knowing how to use the tools offered by WhatsApp and knowing how to communicate properly in written form will help us to capture their attention and get to know the person we met at that club, correctly and appropriately.

Flirting for Whatsapp is no chimera, but certain important elements must be taken into account. Let’s not abuse the application and let’s take advantage of the time, outside and inside the network, to generate expectations and be able to have a date.