Couple’s therapy is one of the most important areas of psychological intervention in the daily life of psychologists dedicated to psychological assistance. Not only does it treat several of the most frequent problems in people’s lives, but it also helps to improve social and communication skills that are more difficult to work on in individual therapy.

Therefore, it is natural that more and more psychotherapy professionals want to train and specialize in Couple’s Therapy. In this article we will see several recommendations and advice to know how to choose the best Couple’s Therapy Masters in Murcia and surroundings.

The best Couple’s Therapy Masters in Murcia: how to choose

Currently, in Spain there is a wide range of training programs in different branches of applied psychology, both online and in a face-to-face or semi-face-to-face format. However, many times it is not necessary to move from the city to attend classes in quality Masters. However, it is necessary to know how to choose the best alternatives to become a professional.

Below you will find several recommendations about how to choose Masters in Couple’s Therapy in Murcia, based on quality criteria that significantly increase the chances of your expectations being met.

1. It is based on theory and practice

In a field of applied work such as Couple’s Therapy, knowing only the theory is clearly insufficient . It is important that the Master’s degree involves the performance of practical tasks, attendance at real therapy sessions with patients, and in general, activities that go beyond the memorization of ideas and involve the resolution of problems in real time.

2. It is given by professionals of the sector

The most recommendable thing is that a Master’s Degree in Couple’s Therapy be taught exclusively or almost exclusively by professionals who dedicate the majority of their work time to practicing the subjects covered by the academic content ; in this case, in couple’s therapy or the areas of intervention and research linked to this practice, such as sex therapy.

The value of having first-hand information from professionals in couples therapy cannot be exploited if the teaching staff only teaches.

3. gives facilities to access its facilities

It seems obvious, but we must not forget that most people who are considering studying Masters or other postgraduate training programmes have to manage their time well in order to combine their studies with other responsibilities.

Although Masters courses do not require the same frequency of passage through the classrooms as university courses, having to spend a lot of time and effort to get to the centre often takes its toll , and is a factor that contributes to dropout.

For that reason, the ideal is that the centre where the Master of Couple’s Therapy is taught is in the central districts of Murcia, such as San Miguel or La Fama, and not in districts or even towns outside the city limits of Murcia.

4. It is based on scientific knowledge

As much as what you study and what couples therapy involves cannot be seen or touched, that doesn’t mean it’s any less objective. Personal relationships are facts prone to be studied scientifically , and that is why Couples Therapy uses scientifically validated tools.

5. It helps to continue forming

Masters of Couple’s Therapy or psychotherapy in general should provide bibliographic references and reading materials to continue learning and documenting themselves. In this way, it is much easier to focus more on the topics that arouse most interest , and to check the veracity of the information used.

A recommendation: Master’s Degree in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy from Instituto de la Pareja

Instituto de la Pareja, whose headquarters in Murcia is located in Avenida de la Constitución (next to the Plaza Circular), has a complete Master’s degree recommended for those who want to train in two closely related fields of psychological intervention: Couple’s Therapy and sexology.

From this training program of 10 months and 1,500 hours (with 600 practical hours) it is possible to know the theoretical and applied keys of the intervention in couple problems and in Sex Therapy . Thus, from the hand of professionals in psychotherapy, sexology, or branches of medicine such as gynecology, one learns everything necessary to practice helping couples and marriages in crisis.

Some of the topics that are part of the contents of the Master in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy are the components of love, paraphilias and sexual dysfunctions, intervention in cases of infidelity, attachment theory, the implications of cohabitation and having children, therapeutic skills applied to Couple’s Therapy, how to manage discussions in consultation, psychological intervention in gender violence and sexual abuse, etc.

In this way, it is an option that is well suited to the needs of students seeking to know two sides of a facet of our lives that are linked, and which have to do with intimacy and the expression of emotions through affection or love.

  • To see the contact details of Instituto de la Pareja or to access more information about this centre, click on this link.