How do you make a new hunt area on Huntstand?

How do you add hunt area on Huntstand app?

How do you select a group hunt area on Huntstand?

How do you set up a hunt stand?

Is BaseMap free?

I’ve had BaseMap for about a month. I started with the free version, then upgraded to Pro. Being able to look up a property line or who owns a property is something I use on a weekly basis.

How do I play HuntStand offline maps?

How do I outline my HuntStand property?

How much does HuntStand cost?

$29.99 USD per year
Unlock our most powerful tools and features, made by hunters for hunters. For only $29.99 USD per year, you get access to everything we have to offer.

What is the best hunting map app?

The 9 Best Hunting Apps and Online Mapping Tools
  1. TerraStride Inc. / HuntStand. Overall Score: 84. …
  2. onXmaps / HUNT. Overall Score: 78. …
  3. Hunt HUNTLOGIX, LLC / ScoutLook. Overall Score: 76. …
  4. Quiver App Co. / Quiver. Overall Score: 75. …
  5. Powderhook Inc. / Powderhook. Overall Score: 67. …
  6. Antler Insanity. Overall Score: 64.

Does HuntStand pro show property lines?

HuntStand offers property boundaries and property ownership info for 99% of the US, and property boundaries for much of Canada.

How accurate is HuntStand property lines?

Well-Known Member. They are typically not 100% but really close. The shape of the parcel is normally correct, and you can use it to figure things out. The data they use comes from your state or county GIS parcels, which is public information.

Does Onxmaps work in Canada?

In the meantime, these are the features and functions of the onX Hunt App that work in Canada. The best part? They’re all free. Turn Your Phone Into a Handheld GPS.

Does HuntStand work without cell service?

This feature enables you to save multiple Hunt Areas to your phone. These maps can be accessed without cell phone coverage. Keep in mind that you will only be able to see the satellite layer and not the topography. You can also use HuntStand Pro to use the Stand Reservation feature.

How often does HuntStand update their maps?

every 2-3 years
Introducing Our New Monthly Satellite Image Layer

A limitation of more traditional mapping layers has been their recency — often updated only every 2-3 years, leaving a major blindspot for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

What is HuntStand pro?

HuntStand has spent the last 10 years developing an indispensable toolset for hunting, habitat management and land ownership. We’ve combined advanced mapping, premium satellite layers and dozens of useful features to create something that has revolutionized the way millions of Americans hunt.

Which is better onX or HuntStand?

OnX is a bit easier if searching for areas by owner. It has a few layers that HuntStand doesn’t but less maps. It’s most expensive if you want more than one state ($99) or $29 for one state. I really don’t see much of advantage over HuntStand to justify the cost or to lose all the waypoints I have in HuntStand.

Is HuntStand a good app?

Absolutely fantastic app for managing a property or properties that you hunt. So easy to share with others and plan out where to put stands or where animal movement is. After using for a few years and logging lots of data it’s also a great resource to manage changes to a property. Invaluable to any hunter.

What do you get with HuntStand pro?

The HuntStand Pro app will even allow you to create and print custom maps of your hunting area. These maps can be printed with more than 90 types of symbols (such as a set of antlers for a big buck sighting) as well as names for each of the stands on the property you hunt.

Does onX have 3D?

Using 3D Mode in the onX Hunt App (Android Devices)

Tap “Count me in” to begin using 3D mode. The app will close and reopen automatically. Once it does, tap the Basemaps button in the bottom right corner. Tap “3D Map” in the Basemaps Menu to change to 3D mode.

How much is the onX Hunt app?

Pricing for onX Hunt is $29.99 per year for Premium and $99.99 per year for Elite. You can also start a free trial and receive premium features for seven days.

Is HuntStand no longer free?

Price: Free!

HuntStand is a subsidiary of TerraStride. TerraStride specializes in real estate mapping tools, so it’s natural they would use their experience in mapping technology and bring a fresh look to outdoor navigation.

How do I contact HuntStand?

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