How do I open my Konka flip phone?

To insert the sim card, you need to remove the back cover from the phone and remove the battery. To do this, you just need to find the small cut-out edge on the bottom left corner of the back cover and remove it. You can then remove the battery via the small opening provided above the battery.

How do I open my Konka se2?

At the edge, just pull your finger back t pry it open. There is a small opening at the bottom right of the battery that allows you remove it. Above the large letters of KONKA there are two sim slots (dual sim). The one above the letter A is the primary slot.

How do you take the back off a Konka sp9?

To remove applications from the background, simply press the Small Square / recents button. There are 3 icons along the bottom of the screen. One is the back button (left), one is the home button (middle) and the other is the recents button (right).

Who makes Konka phones?

Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises
Konka Group
Konka headquarters in Shenzhen
Key peopleLiú Fèngxǐ (刘凤喜) (Chairman and President)
ProductsConsumer electronics
OwnerOverseas Chinese Town Enterprises