What does wrh stand for in texting?

All Definitions of WRH
WRHWhat Really Happened?
WRHWildlife Removal Handbook
WRHWindsor Regional Hospital
WRHWorcestershire Royal Hospital

What does YBA mean in texting?

You’ll Be Alright. YBA.

What does Wfh mean in slang?

working from home
working from home; work from home: Hey guys, not feeling well, so I’m wfh today.

What does WHF stand for?

WHFWomen’s Heart Foundation (formerly Women’s Heart Research Foundation)
WHFWork from Home
WHFWashington Health Foundation ( Seattle, WA)
WHFWildlife Heritage Foundation (UK)

What does Y4L mean?

Y4LYouth for Liberty (summer camp in Orono, Ontario, Canada)

What does TBD mean in NFL?

TBD / TBA = To be announced, means that the previous team that won will play against a team that will win against a future match such as coL will play against VP or IBP depends who will win IBP or VP.