Manage, optimize and monitor our health to levels never before seen . To offer tools so that we can be masters of our physical and emotional health by getting to know us from angles and points of view that were unthinkable until now.

This is what will be offered by the app Meyo , a tool that we will be able to download for free in mid-2020 and that promises to revolutionize the market for Android applications and iOs in the field of health.

Several rounds of capital increase already carried out

This project, which is already a palpable reality after almost a year of development, is led by Andreu Palou and Tabaré Majem , who together with a team of more than 30 people, are making the hype grow day after day.

In his short life, Meyo has already managed to arouse the interest of various companies and investors. The latest round of investment has increased Meyo’s budget by 600,000 euros. Currently, the app is in beta phase but has sophisticated markers on a nutritional, psychological and health level; variables with which it can customize challenges and milestones to activate the user and lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

What will Meyo, the 360º health app, offer us?

Therefore, we are still waiting to know in depth all that Meyo can provide us as users. In terms of psychological health, we have worked hard to make the app work as an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to feel more satisfied with some area of their life.

Among its possibilities on a psychological level will enter classic functions such as performing meditations guided by recognized professionals, games to increase our cognitive skills, challenges to gain self-confidence … But this does not end here.

Meyo will also be able, through a ChatBot system, to know our needs and preferences, our way of thinking and our expectations , to offer us content, challenges and key tools so that we can achieve our goals.

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