Most people who come to my practice come with a lack of motivation for life , as if the essence of sunrise ceases to shine every day. I think it is already an achievement that a person wants to look for a solution since the first step has already been taken. From that initial moment on, evolution is usually constant and very exciting.

The evolution brought about by therapy

At the beginning of the psychological treatment I see in the looks of these people how the calendar sheets go by without making any sense to them, even how they think about the fear of coming to therapy and whether it is right or not. They become, under their anguish, dull beings that I am always sure will shine again.

Because of this, you have to make them feel welcome from the first moment through words and senses. That is why I have a purple wall in my practice; once at a congress I saw that this color was the ideal one, it gives peace and good feelings. These small details help people to feel comfortable and open, which is very important, especially in the initial stage of therapy.

At first, patients are often lost. Their first contact with me is because they have reached a situation where they don’t know where to start to solve their problems ; they blame themselves for what is happening to them and they hardly want to make eye contact. They see in you as a therapist someone to move forward, they know that they have chosen the right place and that I will not let go of their hand.

It is very gratifying how that disappears after the sessions and how when I get home I start thinking and preparing his case and how that person becomes important to me. There are no hours or moments, there is only their well-being, since I am in consultation I promised myself not to drop anyone, and I think I have consistently achieved this.

After several sessions, the shy laughter comes and his problem, without us noticing it, disappears. We didn’t do magic, we simply looked for the necessary guidelines and techniques to make my patient happy. At the end of these sessions, I look back at the patients’ evolution and I am grateful above all for making it so easy and so beautiful, because they have improved but I have grown.


Put yourself in the hands of professionals for whom your well-being means a lot. I, at the Guasimara Hernandez Psychology Center, bet on closeness and on accompanying my patients throughout the psychological process; every step you take will be done together, and you will never feel alone or lonely.